Tailoring For Women & Empowering The Workplace

There is a saying that goes “if you want to be taken seriously, quit dressing like a little girl”. There are outfits you can wear at the workplace that will make you stand out, the sensational feeling you get from a tailored suit. Tailoring for women started in the 18th century at Savile Row, and this trend can’t seem to get out of fashion. In this 21st, women are more enamoured with the idea of owning sustainable clothing that is stylish and serious at the time. A suit that is tailored specifically for your body gives you a boost of confidence inside out.

Looking at these skilled artisans at Savile row is the Hidalgo Brothers. We have expert knowledge in crafting bespoke suits, made-to-measure suits, and suit alterations for both men and women. We aim at tailoring a unique garment that will empower you in the workplace, combining the perfect fabric, fit finish for your profession and individual character.

Empowering Suit Guide for Women at the Workplace

The Trousers

Today, the trouser suit has taken on a new meaning when it comes to fashion. Formal women’s trousers are available in many varieties, and these include straight-leg, cigarette styles, bootcut, and more. Choose a trouser type that goes well with your body physique and also consider the length. If you have doubts about how to go about it, our team will assist you with the exact fit you desire.

The Skirt

Some ladies will prefer the skirt to the trouser, it’s all about your choice. Corporate skirts length should at least be on the kneel level while standing. For easy movement, a centre-back slit is advised to be on the skirt, and the slit should be invisible.

Suit Jacket

Tailoring for women may seem complicated reason why most menswear media steer away. Some of the reasons are women’s shapes can be challenging to work with when crafting high-level clothing. And women’s style preferences vary wildly compared to men’s style preferences. But the Hidalgo Brothers is proud to be among the fewer artisans who are eager to work with women.

Whether you are wearing your suit jacket with a skirt or trousers, it is always best to keep the jacket simple with plain fabric. Ensure the jacket fits correctly in all the significant places like the shoulders, the arms, and the torso.

Tailoring For Women Suit Colour

Women turn to have a myriad of choices when it comes to colours. A classic black suit will always be ideal for any corporate setting. Colour contributes a lot to your suit. There are loads of colourful suits available, perfect for stylish office wear. Some of the neutral suit colours are black, navy blue, and grey. You can also add other colours to your suit look. Opt for a red colour suit, deep burgundy, jewel tone, or pastel colour suit.


Donning a corporate suit is one thing, spotting which accessories style best is another thing.
1. Your bag needs to exude chic style and power. Opt for minimal, straight lines, clean leather fabrication, and little zip and compartment details.
2. For footwear, a pointed toe pump heel will work best for heels lovers. And brogues will work best for those who prefer it low.
3. Jewelry/accessories: Keep your watch and jewellery choices simple.

If you’re in search of an artisan who has hands-on knowledge in the tailoring of women suits, Hidalgo Brothers should be your first stop.
Get in touch for more information or visit us at 13 Savile Row,2nd Floor, London, W1S 3PH.