Tapping Skilled London Tailors for Crafting a Lawyer’s Summer Attire

When the English summer is out in full force, lawyers will likely feel the heat and will go for office wear that are more attuned to the times. Simon Crompton, writing for Qualified Lawyer magazine, emphasises an important fact that’s often overlooked in this area:

“Discussions of summer clothing normally miss one obvious point. The modern office worker, particularly a hard-working solicitor, is locked in an air-conditioned environment for much of the day. Linen, cotton or lightweight suits that are optimised for the summer heat are irrelevant. The office may be a little warmer when it’s 30 degrees outside, but then again it might be colder, as the facilities department overcompensated. Dressing for summer is about being lighter in colour, rather than weight.”

Being a lawyer in London comes with a higher level of prominence and responsibility, given the prominence of the place itself in various fields, including law and justice. This distinction has made the city a veritable battleground for counsels across several courts, with the Old Bailey as the most famous of all. Carrying yourself with ease in court, while still commanding respect, requires dressing formally but comfortably even under the most trying conditions. An experienced London bespoke tailor like the Hidalgo Brothers can show you how a lawyer should suit up.


It is common knowledge that darker colours absorb heat and a very dark suit can make you swelter under high temperatures. Thus, the need to temper the tones. Crompton suggests having a mid-grey suit made to complement darker-coloured apparel that’s already in your closet. Blue bespoke suits are also viable for clothes in lighter shades.


The material for your prospective custom suit must be tough even in summertime, as you spend a good deal of the day in cooler indoor temperatures. Heavy Irish linen is touted as effective for a summer suit because it doesn’t crease easily and has sharper lines. Linen mixed with wool, on the other hand, creates a different texture and increases the breathability of the skin. Mohair, meanwhile, has a unique sheen that doesn’t appear artificial; your bespoke suit must use fabric with less than 50% mohair content to retain a good finish.


A well-designed bespoke suit for summer will benefit lawyers in the city who claim that suits help raise confidence in the workplace. With the right suit, a partner or client may place his or her absolute trust in your capability to take on more work.

When custom-made suits are needed for power appearances in summer, a proficient London bespoke tailor like the Hidalgo Brothers can fashion them for you. It can be a game-changer for your career prospects.

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(Source: Men’s suits: Dress for the summer, Qualified Lawyer, 13 April 2014)