Men’s Fashion Trends Every Man Should Follow

Now in fashion, we can say, “gone are the days when men’s fashion was on the back burner of the fashion world’s ever cooking stove!”

There are now fashion houses and brands dedicated solely to the silhouette of the modern man dressing him in stylish outfits for every event possible.


Summertime men’s fashion is defined by light breathable fabrics used to create comfortable and airy articles of clothing: shorts, short-sleeve shirts, T-shirts, pants, moccasin, etc.

Autumn comes after summer and is the interim season before the snowy winter. It is normally colder than the summer but nowhere near as freezing as the wintertime. So, light knitwear, long pants, and jackets are favoured, as a part of your wardrobe.

And finally, the winter requires thick knitwear: sweaters, scarves; heavy long jackets, leather jackets, gloves, boots, etc.

So what is men’s fashion looking like?

No matter the year fashion trend, it is first set on the runways of high-end fashion shows all over the world. Remember: trends are simply guidelines. It is left to you to interpret them according to your taste.


Suits/Jackets. These are staples in every man’s wardrobe. There are different styles of suits and jackets coming in different fabric blends for every occasion in any kind of weather. This season, we see jacquard jackets, oversized jackets inspired by raincoats (as we are in the summertime), long coats with minimalist details and prints on the coattails, and leather jackets with gold details such as zippers and buckles, silk, fitted suits worn with skinny-legged dress pants.

Oversized jackets are also making a comeback with a classier touch.

Shirts. Be it a button-up or an over-the-head Tee shirt, shirts can also stand on their own. From the staple white shirt to the see-through silk shirt, striped, embroidered, printed, etc. Shirts are to be of high quality and not usually made of cheap cotton.

Pants. Sweatpants have been remade to be more tailored and dressy. Sweatpants are a staple for streetwear fashion. Darker denim shades are favoured this season taking out the casual and replacing it with dapper class! Although denim may not be for the professional workplace, make no mistake, it can still be worn for semi-formal occasions. Simply pair it will a nice button-up shirt and a pair of dress boots with a jacket up to.

Shorts are also a trend this year for the spring/summertime.

Coats. Thick, heavy coats are for the autumn/winter season. Just because they are meant to keep you warm doesn’t mean that fashion must be thrown out the window! This year, the coat trends range from the practically casual to the most dapper. The casual coats are inspired by raincoats. This is a must-have for those rainy days when you have to step outside of your home.

Jacquard, wool, cashmere, and leather are just some of the fabrics & materials used in the construction of coats.

Shoes. Sneakers, oxfords, boots, loafers, moccasin, slip-on, etc., are the shoes trending in men’s fashion this year. It provides every man with a variety of shoes to choose from based on style, colour, texture, details, etc.


Menswear is no longer forced into the boring box; it is fluid and amazing! There is a resounding theme in all the different styles: CLASS! Every look you come up with must be thoughtful and executed with confidence.

Silk, cotton, cashmere, leather, wool, velvet, linen, jacquard, plastic, etc., are the materials used this year in men’s fashion. All of these and more are used to express streetwear, workwear, and formal wear.

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Your look is complete.

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