The 2020 Men’s Fashion Trend Every Man Should Try

There are a couple of things that are bound to happen in life. One of them is change. Like the popular saying goes; change is the only constant thing in life. In the fashion world, trends are always changing. This is why it’s important that you stay up to date with the top men’s fashion trends.

Neck Scarves

Neck scarves are a truly underrated way to stay warm—and look incredible. Serving more than just one purpose, this trend is totally gender-neutral. Pinterest has revealed that searches for “neck scarves” are up 29 per cent. This is enough reason for you to stock up, start experimenting and stay cosy.

Standout Tailoring

Over the course of the past 12 months, there has been a sartorial reshuffle that has been bubbling up under the surface. Now, even though your navy suit might be stylish and a wardrobe cornerstone, it is no longer necessarily that exciting. Your tailoring now comes in technicolour.

Even though it is true that blue is a colour, it’s not just about trying your hand at teal, burgundy or even pink. Pattern too gained traction in 2018, spurred by standout moves on the red carpet, but the payoff for early adopters will come this year.

Tailored Wear

A tailored suit is the foundation on which men’s fashion in 2021 is built. Do you prefer a single-breasted, double-breasted or three-piece suit? With a notched, shawl or peaked lapel over a quality dress shirt and a bow-tie, necktie or shawl? It doesn’t matter the different combinations in which you would prefer to dress; having all these pieces tailor-made is the best way to go.

The Hidalgo Brothers will stun you with the best tailor-made suits, jackets, tuxedos, shirts, etc. Upon your first visit, you will feel the sophistication.

If you’re looking to stay relevant in the men’s fashion in 2021 trends, contact Hildago Brothers today. Allow us to make you the modern man.