The Anatomy of the Power Suit by Hidalgo Brothers

The power suit by Hidalgo Brothers is the quintessential attire of the modern man. Mens fashion has multiple important pieces, there are different styles of suit, but the standard suits are British, Italian or American. The suit has evolved over the decades. But do you know the parts of the suit?

The Fit

First is the fit. Regardless of how expensive the fabric of the suit is, once the fit isn’t flattering, then it no longer considered.


Some might argue that the fabric is the most important. The fabric of the power suit will determine the final appearance. Expensive, well-made fabric will give the suit a very dapper and classy finish whilst a cheap fabric, won’t.


To create the most masculine structure for the jacket, stronger padded shoulders. A low button also adds to an elegant silhouette.

The necktie

The skinny tie is a trend now for a few years. But if you want to know like Harvey Specter, the wide tie is the ONLY option.

The Shirt

We favor a wide-spread collar for a dress shirt. This is because such a collar will best suit a Windsor knot. French cuffs allow you to accessorize with a cool pair of cufflinks.

The dress pants

No matter what, the end of the trouser leg should always hit the top of your shoe.

The accessories

Cufflinks, neckties, bow-ties, square pockets, braces, etc. The accessories will bring the entire look together. The suit might be standard, but accessories add a personal flare.

The anatomy of the suit is a simple yet complex one. Before getting a Bespoke suit made, educate yourself on the different fabrics and kinds of suits out there.

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