The Best Tailors In London For Bespoke Women’s Suit

The first recorded woman to wear a trouser suit was the bold Sarah Bernhardt in 1870. Inevitably during that era, she conjured outrage amongst men and women. Suits traditionally have been exclusively for men but fast forward 151 years, it’s completely normal for women to wear suits, trousers, shorts and all sorts of “boy’s clothes”. The trend has even kickstarted brands to exclusively cater for women. Other heritage tailors have transitioned and become more inclusive to women’s suits. Here are a few essentials to look for with the best tailors in London for women’s suits. 



Hiring a tailor with experience is a no-brainer. Employment history is essential when deciphering which tailor to choose from. Tailors with deep craft understanding can share their wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, a level of maturity comes with the package that you wouldn’t find anywhere. Experienced tailors make better communicators. Better communicators guarantee quality.  



99.9% of the time, the best of anything will always be congregated in the same place. When it comes to the best tailors in London for bespoke women’s suits, look no further than Saville Row, Mayfair. Home to more than 20 tailors, some of which have been there for more than over a century, nowhere in the world boasts of such rich sartorial heritage. Your tailor resides on this street.  



Because everyone is uniquely different, variety is important. A “one size fits all” mindset negates the purpose of bespoke tailoring. Diversity in the idiom of tailoring automatically lets you know much care, thought and precision has gone into the creative process. So, where the range is being demonstrated, take notes and keep them in your good books.  


Hidalgo Brothers still remain your go-to for suit excellence. We have some of the best tailors in London and you can contact us today to take care of your needs. 

Common Questions:

What to look for in a suit tailor?

There are three essentials to look for in a tailor: Experience, location and range.


Where is the best place to buy a suit?

When it comes to the best tailors in London for bespoke women’s suits, look no further than Saville Row, Mayfair.