The Best Trendy Colours For Your Bespoke Suits: Stay Stylish for Ever

A perfectly well designed bespoke suit in a man’s wardrobe is an excellent investment because bespoke suits don’t come cheap. For these reasons, it is key to carefully choose the best trendy colours for your bespoke suits, be it for an event, or for everyday work life.

Here, we have come up with some great tips to help you select the best bespoke suits colour suitable for almost all occasions.

3 Best Trendy Colours for your Bespoke Suits

Navy Blue Colour Bespoke Suits

Looking at the best trendy colours for bespoke suits, navy blue comes first on the list. This colour keeps trending year in year out, because of the feeling obtained when it’s put on. It portrays power and authority. Navy blue suits are essential clothing in a formalwear collection, and they’re perfect for nearly every occasion. One other advantage of this suit colour is that it is easy to customise and add a few fashion-forward details.


Grey Colour Suits (Charcoal, Medium, Light Grey)

Grey is one of the best men’s suits colours for starters, especially if you’re younger. In order to break out of the normal black suit, we recommend any of these different shades of grey. As grey portrays confidence and experience. And as a young executive, donning a charcoal grey suit will be perfect. This shade makes young people look a little older, and for the older men, it makes them appear more wisened and distinguished. Depending on your preference, you could either attempt the light grey, medium, or charcoal grey suit. Either of them will be an excellent addition to your suit set.

Tan/ Khaki Colour Suit

Still, in search of a colour suit that will be appropriate as both social and business attire? Try the Tan suit colour. This suit colour keeps you looking professional and relaxed, and it is perfect for business events, weddings, and casual dates. The Tan suit can be your go-to choice if you style it with the appropriate shirt, and it is favourable as it can be found in different shades and natural fabrics, perfect for both spring and summer. The fabrics range from lightweight linen for the summer times to more durable wool and tweed for the colder, winter days. Tan suits are a relaxed choice for men or women who prefer to appear well-dressed even during their personal time.

To add some diversity to the wardrobe, you can include some patterned suits, it helps make the suit look more casual. Patterns look fabulous on any coloured suit.

Searching to add the best trendy colours for bespoke suits to your wardrobe? Look no further than the Hidalgo Brothers. Our team of skilled couturiers are here to render you with outstanding service and a perfectly fitting suit. With our decades of professional experience, you’re guaranteed an excellent result.



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