The Best Wedding Suits for Walking Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle stirs up butterflies. But choosing the best Savile row wedding suits for you can be nerve-racking. Savile row wedding suits have evolved to become more personal and unique. So the question becomes:

Which Wedding Suits are Best for You?

It all depends on your personal taste & style. There are three standard types of suits. But with wedding suits, there are different styles to choose from to match your beautiful bride’s breathtaking gown.

The Wedding Tuxedo

The tux has never and will never go out of style. It is flattering on every man regardless of his physique. The tuxedo is timeless and sophisticated. You can have your pick of fabric for your tux.

From velvet, polyester, wool, satin, silk, etc. Keep in mind the season when you’re getting married to not wear say, velvet during a hot summer day.

A silk tuxedo is best for all weather.

The Morning Wedding Suit

In a strong second place is the morning suit. This is a 19th-century favourite. This suit is, nowadays, worn by the men who attend the Ascot or the Derby.

This one-button suit with tails paired with a grey pair of pants is a favoured classic. They wear it with a top hat, patent leather shoes, a bow tie, Marcella waistcoat, and a white shirt with a detachable collar.

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Having a guide to wedding suits makes for an easier start to finding the right one for you. We will have you looking dapper and classy.

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