The Future of Fashion: What Does It Hold for the Industry?

The future of fashion is reliant on sustainability and eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing processes.

The fashion industry has seen many an innovation and technologies. For instance, in the 1970s, Diane von Furstenberg accidentally creates a new type of dress called the wrap-around dress. And thanks to her, every major brand in the world owes her for this timeless gift.

As we face the effects of global warming and other environmental issues, we work together to improve and heal the planet. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It provides millions of people with jobs. This is to show the power the collective industry has to make big moves towards a more eco-friendly industry.


When we talk about sustainability, it begins at the grass-root level. For instance, silk is from silk worms and fur from animals. But as time goes on, the fashion industry must look into man-made versions of these materials. Not as a vegan agenda but rather, in an attempts to better improve the living conditions on our planet.
Less waste will be created and, whole ecosystems will be undisrupted.


During the cutting and sewing process, a lot of fabric gets wasted every time. Perhaps, new methods of cutting should be used to economize. Taking the kimono is as a great example. The kimono is cut in rectangular strips of fabric to be later sewn. Little to no wastage. A cool idea for the leftover pieces of fabric is a jacket. Each jacket will be completely different creating a whole new clothing line within a brand.


A lot of different chemicals are used in treating and dyeing of fabrics. These chemicals cause harm to the environment when the waste is disposed of. There are artisans around the world who are great at dyeing fabric using natural pigments from plants, flowers, seeds, etc.

The future of fashion is one that we at Hidalgo Brothers welcome with enthusiasm and open arms. It is time for further innovation.

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