The Modern Man by Hidalgo Brothers

The modern man creates his own style. He is a punctual man. A man who moves with intention and a lover of life.

Here is Hidalgo Brothers’ interpretation of him.

Let’s begin with accessories! When it comes to styling an outfit the modern man has many options, but going with the wrong accessories can throw your style off-kilter.



When you walk into a room, the first thing people look at is your shoes. The wrong colour or style of shoes is what we should avoid by following these simple rules:

  • Wear brown/tan dress shoes
  • Whatever you do, do not wear suede when there is snow outside as it will ruin them
  • When wearing a tux or dinner jacket, patent leather brogues are a classic

The modern man does have options when it comes to dress shoes. Oxfords are wearable all year round, Cap toes and Monkstraps are also great choices.



Neckties are not as formal, however, they can be worn for day-to-day activities like going to the office or a casual brunch. When it comes to completing your suit, a necktie should be your first option.

If you are not yet used to wearing neckties, then you might want to start.

Ties and bow ties are the simplest way to complete an outfit without looking overdone. It gives you a classy feel. But there is also sophistication to it and this will exemplify to others your pride in your dress sense.

A colourful scarf is one of the best ways you can add energy to a boring charcoal suit or black overcoat. Cotton and linen scarves are best for the summer months but opt for wool and cashmere during the winter to stay warm.



As time goes by, fashion keeps progressing and nowadays, you would realize that having your socks visible and part of your outfit has become a new fashion norm. Because of this, the range of socks we get to choose from has vastly increased, with patterned, unique and eccentric sock designs staying strong in the market.

However, it is always good to have classic neutral coloured socks in your wardrobe. This includes plain block colours like black and grey as they suit most occasions. However, if you have an interest in high cuffed pants that display your socks, you might want to add socks that are abstract and eye-catching.



Men have been using pocket squares to show off their personalities for a long time. You won’t regret adding them to your wardrobe. There are two main ways you can use pocket squares to complete your suit; you can choose one that will match your tie or go for one with a neutral colour like white.



Your belt and shoes are supposed to be in a unique romantic relationship that is why they must be matched correctly. It is true that some men have their favourite belts which they put on a regular basis.

The problem is not matching them with your shoes, for example, having a black belt and a brown shoe. That, simply, is a men’s fashion crime.



Cufflinks are great accessories to pair with your suit because they have the potential to add that touch of class and make you stand out. This is probably the easiest way for you to make your overall outfit look more sophisticated. In addition, the increase in popularity of French cuff shirts has led to the existence of an endless variety of cufflinks giving you enough options.



Suspenders, also known as suit braces have been around for a long while now and are still one of the best accessories that a suit wearer should own. It’s amazing to know that you can mix them with just any suit of your choice.

Just make sure not to make a fashion mistake of wearing your suspenders and belt at the same time.


Dive deeper into more of the best suit accessories to wear.  If you would like to learn more please get in contact with us, we can discuss your perfect fit.