The Most visited Tailor Street In London

Among the many tailor streets in London, Mayfair street has always been the most visited for decades. This street has workshops with highly skilled artisans, many of whom have been crafting handmade clothing for the elites of society for many years.

Mayfair street has gained popularity because of the excellent Savile Row services rendered. Savile Row tailors design bespoke outfits, made to measure outfits and bespoke alterations. For years now, companies such as Hidalgo Brothers strive to please clients while embracing the latest trends.

Why Savile Row is the Most Visited Tailor Street In London

Savile Row Suits Are Unique

When you take a glance at a suit from Savile Row from a distance, you will notice its unique features, especially when compared to machine-made suits. This suit is crafted by hand with a three-dimensional shape that makes it more attractive and classy.

Savile Row tailored suits are more requisite and sharper because of the use of shoulder padding and canvas. We place a priority on straight, and angular lines, although there are variations in style.

Fabric Quality

A Savile Row cloth, especially a bespoke suit, can’t be mentioned without speaking on the fabric quality. A suit complements well on your body when its design with high-end quality wool. It gives you this sensational comfort. Pay a visit to this tailor street in London and get your clothing made with good, and long-lasting fabrics.


The majority of people walk into a shop without an idea of the kind of suit they want. It’s not a big deal because Savile Row tailors are so experienced that they can look at you and give suggestions on the type of suit that will fit your body.

With a tailor like Hidalgo Brothers even if you are confused about the suit style you want, our experienced team will guide you in the selection and designing of a suit that will fit perfectly.

Do you want a suit with quality fabric that will be suitable for all seasons? Then pay a visit to Mayfair street. They will guide you on the different types of materials, and you will have the chance to choose which fabric would be desirable.

If you are looking for an experienced tailor for your bespoke suit, made-to-measure outfits or a bespoke alteration, the Hidalgo Brothers will be glad to work with you. Get in touch with us today and enjoy our amazing services.