The Perfect Double Breasted Suit For Women

A double-breasted suit consists of overlapping front flaps of a coat, jacket or vest with two symmetrical columns of buttons on its front. Popularised from the mid-1930s to the 50s and again in the mid-1980s to the 2000s, the standard double-breasted suit continues to be a wardrobe essential for men. A lady’s anatomy on the other hand is slightly different to her male counterparts therefore the following considerations should be factored in to achieve the perfect double-breasted suit for women. 

Less Buttons

Double-breasted suits usually have 3 parallel vertical buttons. The perfect double-breasted suit for women would have 2 or less. Naturally, fewer buttons make the jacket less bulky and gives it a “slim fit” appearance. Inherently women carry more fat than men so a simple hack such as 1 less button goes a long way.


The Cut

Opt for blazers with definitive thick collars and low V necks. The low V neck creates more functionality and flexibility alongside retaining femininity and elegance. By contrast, the thick collars allow the garment to remain in the idiom of “men’s clothing”. A woman wearing a double-breasted suit doesn’t care much for gender roles; she does as she pleases to ensure the cut isn’t too stereotypical of what women’s fashion entails.



Bright, bold and electrifying colours are her best friends. Black, grey, navy blues and browns are big NO’s. Typically, double-breasted suits are not wardrobe collectables for your average woman so if she’s going to wear one, she has stood out! Think mustard yellows, hot pinks, lava oranges and Wimbledon greens for inspiration when picking out the best double-breasted suit for women.

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Common Questions:

What is the difference between men’s and ladies’ double-breast suits?

Double-breasted suits for women have fewer buttons, thicker collars and low V-necks, and often feature bright, bold and electrifying colours.