The Perfect Double-Breasted Suit Does Exist!

The double-breasted suit has come back in style in recent years, and it is currently undergoing a full-blown renaissance. Forget about those boxy, heavy jackets of the 80s. The modern double-breasted suit features an overall slimmer fit and leaner sleeve, making it the perfect piece to take your sartorial game to the next level.

If you are looking for the perfect outfit for a wedding or to close that important business deal, be sure to get the right first impressions with this suit. But first, you must get it right! How do you do that? And does the perfect double-breasted suit exist?

The best way to get it right is by going to an excellent tailor for the perfect fit. You can’t settle for anything less. A good tailor will craft a double-breasted suit made specifically to fit your body. This will not just help improve the look, but it will also allow you to be more comfortable.

Another important feature to consider is the button structure. The two most popular button configurations are “6×2” and “4×2”, with the first number representing the total number of buttons and the second number being the number of buttons that can be fastened. If you are tall and this is your first suit of this kind, then you should go for the standard “6×2” version. The “4X2” version is ideal for shorter men as it has the tendency to give an elongated appearance.

To complete the puzzle, you will need to choose a good fabric and colour. These mostly depend on your personal taste, though parameters such as the weather and purpose for the outfit should be considered. Your tailor should help you make the right choice.

The perfect double-breasted suit does exist! But this can only be made possible with an excellent tailor. Let the Hidalgo Brothers help you get this right.

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