The Perfect Stylish Double Breasted Suit For Women

A double-breasted suit is an unimpeachable suit style that is hard to resist. Double-breasted suit for women has been popular since the mid-1930s and this trend can’t seem to go out of fashion because of its universal, flattering, and classic cut that can complement any outfit put together.

How To Don a Double-Breasted Suit

Every stylish lady who wants to look polished and professional needs a double-breasted suit in her wardrobe. It is a perfect outfit for any occasion and suitable for both spring and summer.

To obtain that perfect stylish look, there are certain things to consider such as having knowledge about women’s style and finding the best tailor.

Top Colours For Double-Breasted Suit for Women

Knowing your skin tone is one of the key aspects of picking a suit. But if you’re still unsure of which colour to go in for, you can try any of these top three colours, they are perfect for any skin tone.

1. Navy Blue Double-Breasted Suit: A lady in navy blue looks sophisticated and classy, it speaks fashion. This suit colour is also favourable for women who want to look slimmer in their suits.

2. Grey Colour Suit: A grey double-breasted suit looks as stunning dressed up as dressed down. It is a fine colour for a formal, casual, semi-formal, or any other social setting. This colour adapts so well.

3. Cream Double-Breasted Suit: This is an excellent colour for women who want to look elegant but want to play it safe. A cream suit is also perfect for any occasion.

Work with The Best Tailor

Women want value for their sartorial investment and deserve comfort and fit which sadly most ready-to-wear items do not offer.

You need an artisan that has good hands-on job knowledge in the designing of high-end suits. A tailor who can understand your body physique and design the perfect suit just your taste.

You can commence your search with the Hidalgo Brothers, one of the best Savile Row tailors. Reasons why you should work with us:

– We have 20 years of tailoring experience under our belt.

– Our clients are served with quality fabrics from top manufacturers from Scotland and England.

– We guarantee our clients 100% professional service with only one price, no hidden cost.

– The Hidalgo Brothers is trusted by brands like Tom Ford, Zegna, Hackett, Ralph Lauren, and Dunhill, the reason why you should trust us.

Get in touch let’s craft that elegant double-breasted suit just for your taste.