The Preferred Wardrobe of the Modern Man

Who is the modern man? He is dapper, eloquence, classy, chivalrous, goal-oriented, fun-loving, and so much more. He is also a fashion icon in the making. Therefore, he needs a wardrobe befitting of his status.

When it comes to expressing style, it is left up to you to choose. Regardless of your fashion sense and the genre to which you naturally gravitate, there are clothes that MUST be in your wardrobe, as a modern man.

Mens fashion trends are constantly changing, here is the preferred wardrobe of the modern man:


A tailored suit is the foundation on which the fashion style of the modern man is built. Do you prefer a single-breasted, double-breasted or three-piece suit? With a notched, shawl or peaked lapel over a quality dress shirts and a bowtie, necktie or shawl? It doesn’t matter the different combinations in which you would prefer to dress; having all these pieces tailor-made is the best way to go.

*in walks the Hidalgo Brothers*

Hidalgo Brothers will have you looking like a million pounds with their tailor-made, Bespoke suits! And of course, do not forget your accessories to bring your wardrobe together, seamlessly.


There are different types of accessories made for the suit worn by the modern man. They are;

  • Ties
  • Scarves
  • Pocket squares
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie clips/bars

Ties. There are neckties and bowties. Bowties are seen to be formal wear and neckties saved for professional office wear.

Scarves. Silk, wool, cashmere; take your pick. Wear a silk scarf around your neck, hung loose, for added class to that tailor-made suit.

Pocket squares. These add a certain, “je ne sais quoi”, to your suit. It can be worn with your blazers and jackets as well. So if you’re going business casual, professional or formal, a pocket square is there.

Cufflinks. Cufflinks add the right amount of sophistication to your person, in a bespoke suit or tux. They are worn on the cuffs of the shirt under the suit or jacket.

Tie clips/bars. It is practical and professional: it keeps your tie in place, all the while adding personal style.

Another set of accessories are meant to add a much more personal touch to your already bespoke appearance: watches, funky socks, belts & suspenders. You can really have fun with these.


Contrary to popular belief, the modern man does have options when it comes to dress shoes; for there’s a different pair for every occasion and every style.

There are oxfords, wingtips, formal pumps, monk straps, loafers, etc., to pick from. Have fun with it and stay classy.

The Hidalgo Brothers will stun you with the best tailor-made suits, jackets, tuxedos, shirts, etc. Upon your first visit, you will feel the sophistication.

Do contact us for more information and to book your appointments. Mens fashion will always evolve, finding the right tailor to help evolve your suit is can elevate you to the modern man.