Top Tips For Buying Ready To Wear Suits In Savile Row

What is a Ready To Wear Suit?

Ready to wear suits also called off the rack are suits tailored to wear immediately with no(minor) alteration required. Unlike made to measure and bespoke suits that need closer attention from a tailor, these costumes are designed to fit the masses. Designers use generic sizes and pre-established models. These suits are priced lower than bespoke or made to measure.

You won’t agree less that bespoke suits give clients the perfect fits and a sense of ownership, and one can only obtain that from Savile Row. Because these tailors are experts in their game. Notwithstanding, certain situations prompt an individual into purchasing a suit right away, and the immediate option will be to buy an off-the-rack suit. The advantages of ready to wear suits are:

  • They are readily available. You can buy both online and in-store.
  • It comes at a relatively low price.
  • You can use it right away after buying.
  • It saves you the stress of searching for the right fabrics and tailor.
  • They are readily available in varied choices, designs, and patterns.

7 Top Tips For Buying Ready To Wear Suits In Savile Row

1. Know the Purpose of the Suit

A suit for day-to-day office work will be marked differently from that of a wedding or black tie. So knowing what you want from your latest investment piece will steer you in the right direction. And most time, the choices of our costumes will also be affected by factors such as climate and humidity

2. Be Prepared and Ask Questions

Before walking into any off the rack store to purchase a suit, first, get your measurements from your tailor (if you have one). It is because if you know your measures, it will be easier to go directly into your size range and avoid the stress of trying several suits. Another way of getting yourself prepared is to wear clothes you will wear with the suit such as a white button-down and dress shoes. And when it comes to fitting, do not be afraid to ask questions. Take your time in the selection process because at the end of the day you will be the one wearing the suit.

3. Get the Shoulders Right

For ready-to-wear suits, one of the most important things to get right is the shoulders. Once the shoulders sit well on your body, be sure you have something to proceed with. The Shoulders need to sit soft and natural because this is the one part of a suit that a tailor can’t change.

4. Be Mindful of The Fit

Once you’ve got the shoulders right, it’s also vital to consider the other areas because an expensive suit that does not sit well on your body will be a waste of cash. For example, when you select a 41R, the size refers to the chest measurement. Aside from the jacket, also consider the waist of the suit pants. Ensure the rise is also to your liking, that is the distance between the crotch and the waistline. Although trends are evolving and some people will either prefer their suits to be too big or small on their body. So whether you’re going for a classic, modern, or slim-fit it should be appropriate to your size. Buy a costume you can move and sit freely with.

5. Take into Consideration the Designing of the Suit

Take into account elements such as the fabric and workmanship. Although these suits are not as expensive as a bespoke suit does not mean you should just pick any and pay for it. Check the design and most importantly check the fabric quality. Most budget suits are designed using what is called a fused chest and the higher quality ones have either half or full canvas construction.

The chest of any jacket should be constructed of 3 layers of fabrics:

  • The fabric on the outside of the suit
  • The lining that makes up its inside
  • A layer of canvas in between gives the jacket its shape.

Wools have always been the premier option for suits as it references a tightly spun to create a fine, smooth yarn that’s breathable and crease-resistant.

For lining material, stay away from polyester. It will create much the same effect as wearing a plastic bag under your jacket. It doesn’t allow moisture to escape and evaporate, and you’ll find yourself getting hot and sticky. So purchasing a breathable suit lining is essential.

6. Buy Something Versatile and Neutral

The next tip on buying ready to wear suits is to invest in versatile and more neutral colours. Go in for a suit that you rock in a good number of events without feeling odd and can last for years. A single-breasted and a two-button piece will never go out of style, same as a double-breasted suit on the other hand. Select lightweight wool suits in neutral colours like grey, navy, and black.

7. Look After Your Suit

The more you take good care of your suit, the longer it lasts. Here are ways how to look after your suit:

  • Use quality coat hangers.
  • Use suit bags sealed with cedar blocks
  • Create closet space
  • Utilise a horsehair brush to brush it down after every use
  • Use a garment steamer or iron
  • Do not dry clean regularly it will reduce the quality.

Ready to wear suits are the best option if you’re searching for something quickly without so many details or customisation. Meanwhile, a bespoke suit on the other hand is perfect if you require an exact fit and it has more time constraints than made-to-measure.

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