Top 3 Tailors of 2021 by Hidalgo Brothers

As 2021 draws to a close, we see that Hidalgo Brothers is one of the Top 3 Savile Row Tailors of 2021.

It is with immense gratitude that we thank all our clients for the trust they have had in us since the beginning of our business. We all know that running a business isn’t the easiest feat in the world but we absolutely love it. Designing a bespoke suit from the ideas of a client and to see the final products but smiles on their faces is an absolute treasure.

With the coming year, we will continue to offer our amazing Bespoke suit services which of course include adjustments, at very reasonable prices.

Here is why we believe you guys made us the Top 3 Tailors of 2021:


It is very important to make our clients look their best while still leaving them something in the bank. From our fabrics to the accessories, we want to bring out the man you have always wanted to be through our suits, etc.


No business can run successfully if the customer service is poor. No matter how great the product is. But here at Hidalgo Brothers, we believe that it’s our job to make each and every client feel like James Bond coming in to be fitted for a new dapper suit. It is a whole experience!


We have been honing our craft for the last three decades, in the business. It is very important that we approach each suit differently from the next because each client is different. Our fabrics are amazing! We also make bow ties, neckties, and custom-made accessories.

These three factors that have made we believe, have made us, Hidalgo Brothers, Top 3 Savile Row Tailors of 2021. And we promise to keep up the great work with your success and continued patronage.

Continue to check out the website for more information. Big things coming this new year.