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Top 5 Best Tailors For Men’s Fashion In London, 2019

A perfect-fitting-outfit not only makes you stand out in the midst of the crowd but also makes you feel good about yourself. In other words, a perfect-fitting outfit can improve your self-confidence. Now, you must also keep in mind that the same way a perfect-fitting outfit can improve your mood generally, an outfit that has not been well-tailored can do the opposite. This is why your outfits need to be tailored by the best tailors.
No need to fret. On this post, we have provided you with the 5 best tailors in London for all of your bespoke outfits:

  1. Hildago Brothers: 13 Savile Row

Marco and Ramon are two brothers with 40+ years’ experience in tailoring and expertise in furs and leathers. Since its establishment, the Hildago Brothers’ shop has continued to be very popular among young business owners and established professionals. One of the main reasons why clients opt for Hildago Brothers is because they want to look as good and as sharp as possible while they continue with their personal and professional pursuits.

Brands like Tom Ford, Zegna, Hackett, Ralph Lauren, and Dunhill trust the Hildago’s for alterations. This should already tell you a lot about this shop.

2. Gieves & Hawkes: 1 Savile Row, London.

Considered by many to be one of the best bespoke tailoring houses in the UK, Gieves & Hawkes have extensive experience. They have crafted outfits for the British Royal Family, the British Army and the Royal Navy. Their bespoke suits are hand made from start to finish.

3. Henry Poole: 15 Savile Row, London.

This is a family-run business boasting more than 200 years of tailoring experience. They are often called the “Founders of Savile Row. Every piece of clothing here is made from scratch, combining traditional methods with a modern approach. If they were good enough for Winston Churchill, then you simply can’t doubt their potential.

4. Huntsman: 11 Savile Row

This brand has been around since the 19th-century. Huntsman’s initial claim to fame came through a rather niche tailoring service: making equestrian wear for the hunting and riding aristocracy in 19th-century Europe. Since then, they’ve been a thoroughly British brand, going on to tailor clothes for legends.

5. Henry Poole: 15 Savile Row 

With an attention to detail that has seen them through over 200 years of tailoring, Henry Poole takes pride in the fact that each and every piece of clothing is made individually by their tailors on their Savile Row premises.

Here at Hildago Brothers, we can boldly say that we are one of the best tailors in London. We tailor outfits specifically for the body of our clients. Why don’t you contact us today and let’s begin this journey together?