Tuxedo- Different Events You Need to Look Your Best

If you’ve been wondering how to wear a tuxedo, or better yet, what to wear for a formal social event, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more.

The tuxedo: the epitome of sophistication and the hallmark of the quintessential gentleman. A tuxedo isn’t merely a piece of clothing; it embodies an individual’s persona and is a testament to their sartorial savoir-faire. It is a timeless ensemble that never fails to command respect and admiration. Understanding how to wear a tuxedo is a sartorial rite of passage, a skill that underscores the elegance and refinement of the modern gentleman.

Tuxedo: The Exemplar of Formalwear

The illustrious tuxedo is a special outfit that must reside in every discerning gentleman’s wardrobe. It is the uncontested exemplar of men’s formalwear, outshining other contenders with unparalleled panache. The tuxedo is a fashion investment that yields a remarkable return in terms of the class and distinction it bestows upon its wearer.

Your Best Look for Special Events

Navigating the sartorial landscape of various special events requires deftness, taste, and most importantly, a well-fitted tuxedo. Here are some occasions where you can embody the epitome of style and grace with a bespoke suit from Savile Row.

1. Crafting a Memorable Wedding Experience

The tuxedo has, for centuries, been the linchpin of stylish ensembles for formal weddings. It’s as if the fabric absorbs the joy, love, and celebration, and then mirrors these sentiments back in the wearer’s aura. The intrinsic elegance of a tuxedo, especially when tailored by the expert hands at Hidalgo Brothers, will certainly make you stand out. Whether you are the groom or a guest, a tuxedo is your passport to a memorable presence. Do bear in mind, however, that this statement ensemble is more suited to twilight vows, where the moonlight can caress the delicate contours of its design.

2. First Impressions: The Date Night

The recipe for a memorable first date? A dash of charm, a dollop of confidence, and a well-fitted tuxedo. While a formal suit will definitely make a good impression, donning a tuxedo will make a lasting one. It’s the sartorial equivalent of a firm handshake or a confident gaze – it exudes self-assured elegance. Beyond first encounters, a tuxedo can inject a dash of romance into your relationship. However, note that the date venue matters as well – a candlelit dinner at a swanky restaurant makes an ideal setting for wearing your tuxedo.

3. The Quintessential Black Tie Events Outfit

From the soft, inviting glow of charity galas to the electrifying atmosphere of award ceremonies, a tuxedo is your sartorial wingman. It is the absolute embodiment of black-tie dress code perfection, ensuring you’re always on the right side of fashion. Elevate your style game by adding unique elements like a velvet jacket for a nostalgic, vintage charm, or a matching cummerbund and bow tie to add a dash of personality.


Prom night stands as a rite of passage, a night where the tuxedo truly shines in all its glory. It’s an evening that calls for a blend of youthful vigour and classic elegance, making the tuxedo an ideal choice for young gentlemen. Prom suits are a canvas to express individual style, charisma, and the transition into adulthood.

How to Wear a Tuxedo: The Ensemble and Accessories

A tuxedo and its accessories

Mastering how to wear a tuxedo isn’t just about donning the suit; it’s about creating a harmonious ensemble with the right accessories that echo your personality and occasion.

1. The Jacket

Firstly, the heart of the tuxedo, the jacket, demands your attention. Whether you opt for a classic, single-breasted style or an avant-garde double-breasted design, ensure it fits impeccably. The shoulders should align perfectly with your own, and the sleeve should end just at the wrist to allow a sliver of your dress shirt to peek through.

2. The Trousers

Next in line are the trousers. They should match the material of your jacket and should be high-waisted enough to hide the waistband under your cummerbund or waistcoat. The length of the trousers should kiss the top of your shoes, ensuring a seamless silhouette.

3. The Dress Shirt

Underneath your jacket, a pristine white dress shirt with a wing-tip collar is the gold standard for tuxedo ensembles. Opt for a pleated front for added texture and detail.

4. The Bow Tie

The tuxedo’s proverbial cherry on top is a black silk bow tie. It should match the lapels of your jacket and the stripe down your trousers. Pre-tied options are available, but nothing beats the character of a self-tied bow tie.

5. The Cummerbund or Waistcoat

This piece hides your trousers’ waistband, providing a seamless transition between your shirt and trousers. It’s essential to match this to the material and colour of your bow tie.

6. Footwear

For shoes, stick to patent leather or polished leather dress shoes, ideally Oxfords, for a sophisticated finish.

7. Finishing Touches

As for the finishing touches, a white pocket square is a must. For the daring, a boutonnière or a tasteful lapel pin can add a dash of personality.

Final Words

A tuxedo is like a symphony; all elements must be harmonious to create a masterpiece. Therefore, knowing how to wear a tuxedo and the accessories that accompany it is essential. Follow these guidelines to ensure you look your best for any special occasion. For a timeless tuxedo tailored to perfection, turn to the experts at Hidalgo Brothers. Our bespoke tailoring and exquisite fabrics will make certain that your style shines through at every tuxedo event. Get in touch with us to craft your own symphony of style.


1. What events are appropriate for wearing a tuxedo?

Knowing how to wear a tuxedo is important, just as knowing where to wear one is essential. Tuxedos are typically reserved for formal events that take place in the evening. These could include black-tie events, weddings, charity galas, opera or symphony performances, and formal dinners. However, the “rules” around when to wear a tuxedo have become less rigid over time, and it’s ultimately up to the wearer’s discretion.

2. How should a tuxedo fit?

A well-fitted tuxedo should be tailored to your body’s specific measurements for a sleek and elegant look. The jacket shoulders should line up perfectly with your own, the sleeves should end at your wrist, allowing a bit of the shirt cuff to show, and the hem of the trousers should just touch the top of your shoes.

3. Can I wear a regular tie with a tuxedo?

Traditional tuxedo etiquette stipulates that a black bow tie should be worn with a tuxedo. That said, for the most part, try to avoid wearing a regular tie with a tuxedo.