Welcome To Hidalgo Brothers, Savile Row’s Leading Tailors

Savile Row tailors are widely considered to be the finest suit makers in the world as they have built an international reputation for unequalled craftsmanship, extraordinary attention to detail, and a high level of expertise in the creation of bespoke and made to measure outfits.

There are always going to be occasions in your life that require you to look and feel your best. And we bet you would like to be fully prepared in anticipation for such moments. All you need to do is take a trip to the “golden mile of tailoring”, and head straight for consultation with Savile Row’s leading tailors, Hidalgo Brothers to enjoy the following services:

1. Bespoke Alterations

We all have that outfit in our wardrobe which we love so much but we don’t enjoy donning it as much as we should because it does not fit well. No need to worry, the best Savile Row tailors can transform such outfits through bespoke alterations. We welcome you to our premises with your newly-purchased outfits and other favourite articles for our bespoke alteration service that will ensure you return with the perfect fit.

2. Made to Measure Suits

The made to measure service is our entry-level for those starting their journey in Savile Row tailoring or people who need an excellent suit within a relatively short period of time. Our experienced tailors will use a pre-existing pattern and make precise modifications to ensure that suit or shirt fits you perfectly.

3. Bespoke Suits

Our bespoke service is the pinnacle of men’s tailored suits. The sartorial gold standard for menswear. This service takes more time because it is handmade and each element of the suit- from the fabric, pattern, lining, and cut to the style- is custom made. Multiple fittings are also carried out during the process to ensure the suit fits like a second skin. The end result is a suit that reflects your personal flair and style

The best Savile Row tailors are ready to welcome you and prepared to meet your unique sartorial needs. Get in touch with us for more information.