Welcome To The Best Tailors in London

The best tailors in London can be found on Savile Row. Having been in the industry for the past couple of decades, we know our customers play a crucial part in the creation of their own suit.

That’s why at Hidalgo Brothers, you will have the choice of ready to wear or bespoke suits. For either, you can choose from a variety of fabrics with different textures and patterns including our own in-house fabrics unique to Hidalgo Brothers.

We make different types of suits: Italian, British, American, tuxedos, blazers and more, not just for work, but also, for varying occasions: weddings, engagements, galas & office functions. It is all about your personal and unique style.

As one of the best tailors in London, we are here to help you stay on trend and look the part in every season! So whether you’re looking for a new summer suit or a completely new wardrobe our master tailors will ensure you are ready for any occasion.

With the changing of the seasons, it is a good idea to rotate your wardrobe accordingly. During the summertime, cotton and linen are the best fabrics as they are breathable, light and do not stick to the skin.

Our services also include suit alterations, so if you already own a summer suit we can ensure it still fits perfectly. Alternatively, if you’ve accidentally popped a button on your shirt or ripped a hole in your trousers we can fix that for you too, after all, we are the best tailors in London.

If you would like to join us in our Savile Row tailors, please book your appointment here.