What Defines a Best Made-to-measure Suit?

Wondering what makes the best made-to-measure suit? Here, we will look at the key features of an excellent made-to-measure suit.

Although the bespoke suit is widely and rightly considered the epitome of suit tailoring art, the made-to-measure suit is no slouch in the style stakes either. In fact, for many, the made-to-measure suit is the most affordable route to look and feel your best, especially considering that it is significantly better than an off-the-rack suit in terms of quality and fit.

So, whether your calendar is jam-packed with important client meetings or you simply want to look sharp for that all-important first date, and you are not willing to pay the hefty price tag that comes with a bespoke suit, then made-to-measure is definitely the way to go.

But what exactly are the key features that make up the made-to-measure suit? Let’s take a look.

What is a Made-to-Measure Suit?

Before we dive into the key features of a made-to-measure suit, it is important to understand what this term means, as it is often used interchangeably with the word ‘bespoke’, which can be confusing.

A made-to-measure suit is a suit that is cut to fit the wearer’s measurements. One of the best ways to describe a made-to-measure suit would be by comparing it to a bespoke and ready-to-wear suit.


A ready-to-wear or off-the-rack suit is a piece of clothing created using standard measurements and sold in a store or online. On the other hand, a bespoke suit is created from scratch, using a template created specifically for the individual wearer.

A made-to-measure suit falls somewhere in between these two extremes. A made-to-measure suit is a suit that has been created using pre-existing patterns or templates, but these have then been altered to fit the individual wearer’s measurements.

What Defines the Best Made-to-Measure Suit?

So, now that we have a clear understanding of what a made-to-measure suit is, let’s look at the key features that make up an excellent made-to-measure suit.

  1. Great Fit

The first and most important feature that makes the best Savile Row made-to-measure suits is the fit. After all, one of the main reasons why people opt for these suits is because they want a better fit than what they can get from an off-the-rack suit.

Although it doesn’t match the level of perfection that you get with a bespoke suit, a made-to-measure suit should still fit you exceptionally well. The best made-to-measure Savile Row suit should be cut to flatter the wearer’s specific body type and measurements. This means the suit should hug the wearer’s body in all the right places and not be too baggy or loose.

  1. Good Quality Fabric

The second defining feature of a good made-to-measure suit is the quality of the fabric. Just like with any piece of clothing, the better the quality of the fabric, the better the suit’s overall look, feel, and durability.

When it comes to fabric, there is a wide range of different options to choose from, so it is important to pick a fabric that is not only going to look good but also feel comfortable and be suitable for the specific occasion or purpose you need the suit for.

  1. Expert construction

The third key feature of an excellent made-to-measure suit is the expert construction. You should be able to see and feel this as soon as you put the suit on.

A well-constructed 3-piece made-to-measure suit will be made from high-quality fabric and feature detailed stitching and finishing. This will significantly contribute to the beauty and durability of the suit.

best-made-to-measure suit

If you are looking for a suit that looks great and fits well, then a made-to-measure suit is definitely the way to go. All you need to do is find the right tailor to take your measurements and help you choose the perfect fabric, and you will be good to go.

How to Maintain Your Made-to-Measure Suit

Regular maintenance is crucial for a made-to-measure suit, not only to keep it looking its best but also to extend its lifespan. Quality suits are an investment, and with proper care, they can last for many years. The fabric and stitching in a well-made suit are designed to withstand wear, but they also require gentle handling and appropriate care. Here are some useful maintenance tips you can follow:

  • It’s paramount to keep your made-to-measure suit clean, but avoid over-washing as it can degrade the fabric. Dry cleaning is recommended, but sparingly – only a few times a year or when visibly soiled. For minor stains, spot cleaning is preferable.
  • Store your suit in a breathable garment bag in a dry, cool place. This protects it from dust and moths. Using cedar wood hangers helps retain the suit’s shape and offers natural protection against moths. Avoid wire hangers as they can misshape the shoulders.
  • If your suit becomes wrinkled, steaming is the best option. Avoid ironing directly as high heat can damage the fabric. If ironing is necessary, use a press cloth and a low heat setting.
  • Be cautious of stretching the fabric unnecessarily. For instance, empty your pockets of heavy items, and be mindful of how you sit to prevent undue strain on the seams.

By adhering to these maintenance tips, you ensure that the suit retains its shape, colour, and texture, allowing you to present yourself in the best possible manner at all times.

Why a Hidalgo Brothers Made-to-Measure Suit is Your Ultimate Choice

In conclusion, a Savile Row tailored suit is a testament to sartorial elegance, blending impeccable fit, quality fabric, and expert construction. It offers a middle ground between the accessibility of off-the-rack and the exclusivity of bespoke tailoring, making it an ideal choice for those who value both style and practicality.
Remember, finding a tailor who understands your unique style and body shape is the key to a stunning custom-made suit. This is where the expertise of the Hidalgo Brothers comes into play. Renowned for our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personalised service, we can guide you through creating a suit that fits your body, personality, and lifestyle.
So, why settle for average when you can have a suit made just for you? Book a consultation with the Hidalgo Brothers today and enter a world where style and fit exist in perfect harmony.

Common Questions

  1. What is a made-to-measure suit?

A made-to-measure suit is a suit that has been created using pre-existing patterns or templates, but these have then been altered to fit the individual wearer’s measurements.

  1. What are the key features of a made-to-measure suit?

The key features of a made-to-measure suit are the great fit, good quality fabric, and expert construction.

  1. What are some advantages of made-to-measure suits over bespoke suits?

Made-to-measure suits are typically more affordable and require a shorter lead time than bespoke suits, ideal for people who need a suit for a specific event or occasion.