What you should know about Women’s Style

Women’s style for suits is not as difficult as you might think; women’s suits can be made quite easily because the women’s designs are really dictated by the natural body shape.

If you’re looking to get into wearing suits for work or different occasions, then you’ve come to the right place. You can also find the best women’s tailor in London using these three tips


Body Shape & Women’s Style for Suits

When you know your body type and silhouette that looks good on you. Pay close attention to the areas you’d like to accentuate like your legs, height, figure, etc.

There are different kinds of suits. It all depends on what you’re looking for and what you need.


Suit Color & Skin Tone

For women, your day-to-day suit can be very expressive in terms of colour and pattern. There are different fabrics to choose from: silk, cotton, suede, cashmere, etc.

There are also patterns such as plaid, floral prints, graphic motifs, etc. Our fabrics are in-house so you are guaranteed unique and one-of-a-kind creations.

Learn your undertone to prevent the wearing of fabric that will clash with your undertone. The wrong colour will ruin a great design because if the designs are great but the colour is wrong, everything is wrong.

All you have to do is have different suits made that can transition through the different seasons, seamlessly.



We definitely have to discuss shoes when speaking on women’s style. There are different ways to style a suit but keep this simple rule in mind:

The wider the leg, the higher the stiletto.

The Hidalgo Brothers is here for all your women’s style needs when dressing up in suits. We are well experienced and have been on Saville Row for many years.

Contact us for more information and feel free to book an appointment. We promise you, you have never had an experience like this before!