When to Get Suit Alterations

Suit alterations are common. They can range from replacing lost buttons, shortening back length, relining coat, removing front pleats, making darts, etc.

Different suit alterations

There are different suit alterations. There are minor ones and major ones. Let’s look at a few of them.


Chipping is a term created by tailors to describe the unstitching, cutting and restitching of the sleeves. This can go bad so use a professional Bespoke suit tailor who specializes.

Lengthening or Shortening the Sleeves

The perfect length of the sleeve is from the shoulder to the wrist. Not before and not after. However, the sleeves might fall short and therefore need to lengthen or vice versa. It is easier to shorten the sleeve than to lengthen it. But once you are dealing with a Bespoke suit tailor, then there is a very slim chance of having a short sleeve.

Jacket waist

If you have bought a ready-made suit jacket that is too slack in the waist, you can get it taken in. A professional tailor tackles this suit alteration by taking in the excess material through the seams for a neat finish. It can take up to a week to complete.

Rotating a Jacket Sleeve

Rotating the sleeve is adjusting the angle of the pitch. This is one of the suit alterations that is one best left for a Bespoke suit tailor.

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