Why Are the Best Tailors in London Found in Savile Row?

When it comes to iconic streets in London, there are quite a few, but arguably none have more history behind their name than Savile Row. Originally named after the wife of the 3rd Earl of Burlington, Lady Dorothy Savile, this street has, at one time or the other, been home to other historical and cultural icons such as The Beatles, and the Royal Geographical Society. Today, Savile Row is an iconic street in London that is known for being home to, possibly, the world’s most famous collection of high-end tailors. The best Savile Row tailors, in particular, cater to some of the world’s largest brands, business and political leaders, and entertainment superstars. This illustrious list of names includes the likes of Napoleon, Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, and Prince Charles.

What makes Savile Row so Popular?

For centuries now, Savile Row has attracted the best tailors in London. But why does this area hold such a particular allure for top tailors? The reason is neither far-fetched nor fanciful. Savile Row acquired its status organically, as tailors naturally tended to serve wealthier members of the economic and societal upper class, and were drawn to the area due to its high concentration of London’s rich and famous.

Today, tailors and other businesses, continue to choose Savile Row as merely having a shop here has come to be recognized as a mark of quality.

Who are the best Tailors ON Savile Row?

While Savile Row is replete with options, a few do stand out from the crowd. The Hidalgo brothers, thanks to our strong history, meticulous processes, and insistence on quality control in our value chain can lay claim to being amongst the best Savile Row Tailors.

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