Why Tailoring Trousers is The Best Choice of Style

Trousers are an article of every man’s wardrobe and a garment that binds men together. There are myriad reasons why tailoring trousers are the best choice and style for any gentleman who fancies the complete look of a suit.

You can attest that when tailoring a suit most attention is lavished on the jacket. But when it comes to comfort, silhouette and style credentials, the suit trouser does all the legwork.

Reasons Why Tailoring Trousers is the Best Choice of Style

There are more prominent advantages obtained from a tailored trouser compare to an off the rack trouser. With bespoke trousers, you will have the opportunity to determine the styles and fit you want.

Having a Regular or a Slim Fit: Your sense of dressing will determine if you should go in for a slim fit trouser that will drape your body snugly without being too tight, or you settle for a regular fit that will hang loosely without being too baggy.

The Trouser Length: Tailoring trousers enable you to choose either a long or short length. The ideal length slightly brushes the top of your shoes without showing off your socks. But no worries, your tailor will advise on that.

Pleats or a Flat Front: Pleated trousers have pleats on the front of the material that folds down from below the waistband on either side. This trouser style is ideal for business settings and also suitable for several occasions. You can opt for a flat front if pleats are not your style. Unlike pleats trousers that are worn on the waist, just above the hip bone, the flat front trousers are worn a bit lower, on the hips. It gives you a slim-looking fit.

Choose the Pocket Style: You can choose to have a front or back pocket or have none of the pockets. A front pocket opening is a straight up-and-down slit, usually with no or very minimal hemming. Meanwhile, back pockets are most traditionally a single, unadorned horizontal slit.

With or Without a Loop: If you are a belt-wearing person, then you may probably want to put loops on your bespoke trouser. You can also decide to have a button fix on your trouser or a zip.


One of the main aims of tailoring trousers is to secure a perfect fit. The reason why it is vital is to understand your body structure and what fits you well.

The skinny and long-legged men can effectively wear both the flat front and pleated trousers. But shorter men must be more careful when picking a style. Larger men also may want to avoid pleated trousers as the extra bulk of the pleats could add extra pounds of visual weight.

If you work with the Hidalgo Brothers, one of the best Savile Row bespoke tailors, we are sure to guide you throughout the process. Our tailors are skilled and equipped with decades of experience. We will provide you with technical advice towards the crafting of your bespoke trouser.

Also, if you have that trouser in your wardrobe you do not rock anymore because it is either too big or tight, our alteration services are open to bringing your trousers back to their rocking state.

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