Why You Should Choose Bespoke From Savile Row

When you hear of bespoke suits your first thought goes directly to quality fabric and perfect fit. Owning a bespoke from Savile Row would be a great addition to your line of clothing. This suit type is an ideal garment that will reflect who you are as it’s designed to fit you.

For over 200 years, suits were formal garments mostly worn for formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, and offices. But in this 21st century, suits are donned on almost every occasion and look very stylish and sophisticated when worn with almost any shoes.

The reasons to choose bespoke from Savile Row:

1. At Savile Row, you will obtain nothing but the feeling of satisfaction. It is because the street is filled with artisans who have decades of experience, and are willing to tailor a suit that will meet your desire. These tailors have custom suits for world leaders, celebrities, and men of all classes. This is why you should trust them with the crafting of your suit.

2. If you want a suit that will last you for decades, make your way to this Mayfair street. A bespoke suit is famous for its longevity as they are designed using 100% quality wool fabric.

3. Speaking of patience, Savile tailors dedicate a considerable amount of time in the measurement process, cutting, sewing, multiple fittings, and recutting to achieve a desirable result.

The Aesthetic Look you Gain from Donning a Bespoke from Savile Row

Bespoke suits are cut and made by hands. Hand cutting means individual patterns are made for the customer to enable superiority of the fit. It enables the tailor to shape the garment and structure it around the customer.

So if you’re looking for a traditional look, a classic, country, or a contemporary look, all is at Mayfair Street.

Traditional Suit Style

Savile Row is the number one choice for traditional attire. This suit looks formal with padded shoulders, stiff canvas, nipped waists, and a long jacket. The suits are traditional, but not old-fashioned, and available in a variety of hand-picked materials.

The Country Bespoke Suit Style

If you are into twill, tweeds, or corduroy, Savile Row should be your next move. Here, silhouettes are distinctive and unique, combining elements from a dinner suit with riding outfits. Some of its features are one button fastening, a firm shoulder, and a defined waist.

Contemporary Suit

This style is best for those who want to make a statement in a slimmer fit. The contemporary style has bold, flamboyant patterns fabrics, with dominant season collections. It is designed to give a slimmer fit with tapered leg styling that sits slightly on the hip.

Classic Bespoke Suit Style

A classic suit is an essential addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. It is a timeless single-breasted suit with a slimmer silhouette compared to traditional styles. It has side vents and a choice of one or two buttons. You can wear this type in the office or around town.


If you are interested to learn more about different suit styles, we recommend you read our blog about Internation suit styles. Whether you require a classically elegant suit, a staple flannel lounge suit, a double-breasted business suit, or something more relaxed for informal dinners, visit the Hidalgo Brothers. We are perfectly positioned to create a bespoke suit that complements your character and meets your requirements.

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