Your Guide To Shopping For A Complete Suit


When it comes to buying a complete suit bespoke from Savile Row there’s a bit more to it than simply choosing a style or a colour. Suites feature a number of components so you’ll need to choose the main function and consider whether you’re looking to buy a complete suit if it’s for work, special occasions or for another purpose. It’s important to work out what you need before you make your appointment with your tailor so we’ve provided you with the ultimate suit shopping list to make sure every detail is taken care of.

Suit Shopping Checklist

  • Jacket

Your jacket should be cut according to your preference, be it a loose fit or a slimmer fit. You don’t want your jacket to be too tight-fitting as this will make it uncomfortable to wear and you’ll also need room to fit a shirt under it too.

  • Trousers

Your trousers should be tailored so as not to be too short or too long. They should break over the top of your shoe; this means that they should crease slightly once before they meet your shoe. Generally, if your sock shows when you walk your trousers are too short. The right trouser fit should have a slight drape but not appear too loose although more modern styles call for slimmer fitting trousers. Your trousers should be the same colour as your suit jacket.

  • Dress Shirts

Dress shirts should be worn with suits as opposed to other kinds of shirts you may pick up in a menswear store. If you’re planning on wearing your suit regularly you should have a selection of these shirts in your wardrobe with different colours to mix it up a little. It’s a good idea to purchase these at the same time as your suit. If you are unsure of which colour shirt to wear with your suit the safest option is usually white.

  • Ties

It is always a good idea to make sure that your chosen tie colour fits in with your suit colour, as well as your dress shirts. A suit with a solid base colour is the easiest way to accentuate a bold, solid coloured tie. It is also a good idea to differ patterns sizes across your outfit otherwise these layers can clash.

  • Shoes

If it’s possible to buy your shoes at the same time as your suit then all the better. This will help ensure that your trousers are the right length and that they drape how you want them to. You might also consider buying two pairs that you can wear the suit with in order to give two different looks.


When buying your suit there are other factors that you will want to consider such as belts and other accessories, which will help to reflect your personal style. By preparing a list of everything that you would like to achieve in your outfit you will walk away with a complete suit bespoke from Savile Row for the intended purpose.

Here at the Hidalgo Brothers of Savile Row, we can help you put together your complete suit at Hidalgo Brothers.