2020 Fashion Trends for Suits by Hidalgo Brothers

2020 fashion will be all about comfort, personal style and, color. And since we are a Bespoke suit atelier, here is what you can expect this year:

2020 Fashion Trends for Suits

Mixed Match

When it comes to 3-piece suits, it is standard to use dark or neutral colors for the vest, jacket and dress pants. However, for the 2020 fashion, there’s more fun to be had. A trend that is expected to become quite popular is a print vest and print jacket worn with a dark pair of dress pants.

This is a different way of wearing a 3-piece suit. You will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Floral Paisley Tie

Floral\Paisley has always been in trend albeit translated in different ways. This year, menswear lines will showcase different colors of floral/paisley colors & prints. A wonderful way to incorporate this trend into your suits is through your accessories! Paisley neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares are a very stress-free way of executing this trend without going overboard.

Tan Dress Shoes

There’s nothing new about wearing tan dress shoes. But it isn’t worn by a lot of men who favor black or dark brown shoes. Tan shoes are great when styled with a baby blue or gray suit. So whether they are monk straps or oxfords, tan shoes are very classy.

Bold Colored Suits

Black, gray and blue are the “safe” colors but why not step out of the box a little? Some men are opting for a soft pink, red or even yellow suit. Don’t be frightened by color; you can begin with a red jacket first with dark dress pants. The key here is to style according to your taste.

These are the 2020 fashion trends for suits. It is okay to be playful with suits. It’s time to experiment with different colors.

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