The Perfect Alteration Service For The Perfect Fit

Suit alterations

We specialise in all types of clothing and fabrics. We have the experience to offer a service to all clients in need of suit alterations. Alongside crafting bespoke suits and shirts for clients in London, we also offer suit alteration services. We can tailor your newly purchased items as well as any favourite articles from your wardrobe.
Our suit alterations service ensures that your bespoke suit, favourite leather jacket and every other article fit you in the way you want, at all times. Whether you need a basic hem or the reduction of your suit or coat a size or two, we will ensure your clothing looks and fits the best it possibly can.

Leather & Suede

Hidalgo Brothers is one of the only tailors on Savile Row that undertake works with suede and leather. All alterations are individual and before we quote we inspect each item. This ensures that the work carried out will always be to the highest standards.

Our leather working machinery, combined with our tailors’ experience in working with leather and suede, makes it possible for us to offer this type of service and carry out almost any alteration you require.


Whether you need a hem shortened, front panel altered on your trousers or the sides and shoulders adjusted, we will be able to help you and make sure your dress fits you like a glove and allow you’re the focus on your special day.

Please note: it is important to bring the exact shoes that will be used for that day in order to get the right measurement.


1. How much does it cost to get a suit altered?

This depends purely on a case-to-case basis, depending on what needs to be done, alterations at Hidalgo Brothers can range from £35 to £600+

2. What clothes can be altered?

Again, it’s best to bring the garment in for us to see and adjudge. Almost most garments can be altered however some garments may prove to be difficult to achieve the alteration the client has in their mind.

3. Is alteration and resizing the same?

No, altering a garment could mean simply altering a certain part of the garment to achieve the desired fit, whereas resizing would mean changing the entire sizing of the garment throughout, this is also possible in certain cases, depending on whether or not the garment has enough inlay fabric left in by the manufacturers for the amount the client wishes to achieve if letting out. If taking in it usually depends on whether or not the balance of the garment allows for taking into too much of an extreme.