5 Best Accessories Every Man Must Own

You need to understand that an outfit is never fully complete without certain suit accessories. It’s crazy how certain little additions you make in regards to suit accessories can make so much difference in your entire appearance. As a gentleman, it is important that you know the best accessories that you should own.

  • Watches

The first function of a watch is to help us keep time. We know how time is important as it helps keep us organized and on track. The beautiful thing about watches is that they have the perfect balance between functionality and fashion. This is why if you go to a fashion store, you would see watches of different ranges and it’s now up to you to pick the right ones that will complete the kind of outfits you wear.

  • Socks

As time goes by, fashion keeps progressing and nowadays, you would realize that make your socks visible and part of your outfit has become a new fashion norm. Because of this, the range of socks we get to choose from has vastly increased, with patterned, unique and eccentric sock designs staying strong in the market.

Despite this evolution in the industry, it’s always good to have classic neutral colored socks in your wardrobe arsenal. This includes plain block colors like black and grey as these three suit the most occasions. However, if you have an interest in high cuffed pants that display your socks, you might want to add socks that are abstract and eye-catching.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a timeless trend in the fashion world and are definitely one of the best accessories a man should have. Over the years, sunglasses have owned a spot in the fashion world and you can never go wrong in wearing one; just don’t wear them for late-night events. When getting your sunglasses, opt for all black or plain glasses as these can literally go with anything. Also, you want to prioritize quality over quantity.

  • Wallet

Owning a wallet adds that extra style to your entire outfit. In fact, people take you more seriously when you walk around with a wallet. The best types of wallets are leather wallets and if you can have up to 3 leather wallets in your wardrobe, it’ll be great.

  • Tie and Bow Tie

This one sounds like a no brainer right? But it really isn’t as we have seen a lot of men wear suits or tuxedos without a tie or a bow tie; this should be considered as a fashion taboo. Ties and bow ties are the simplest way to complete an outfit without looking overdone.

It truly is amazing as it provides you a classy feel. Having said that, their is a sophistication to it and this will exemplify to others your pride in your dress sense. People from all ages and races will fawn to you and give you the respect you deserve.

Like it is said, you dress how you want to be addressed.

There’s really no point having the best accessories just to end up not having the best suit to make your entire appearance as perfect as you want it. Contact Hildago Brothers today to fix up your entire wardrobe and give you the perfect look you deserve.