The 4 Best Occasions for Wearing a Double Breasted Suit

The double-breasted suit is something of an icon in modern fashion. While it began from modest roots as a sporting jacket, it is now widely accepted to wear one to pretty much any occasion, and particularly so to very formal ones. To a great extent, we have the Duke of Windsor to thank for the elevation in status of the double-breasted jacket.


4 Places to Wear Your Double-Breasted Suit

While, as we have pointed out, the double-breasted jacket can be worn anywhere, it is a little more suited to certain contexts, than it is to others. If you are not sure when to take yours out of the closet and show it off or you are perhaps considering buying one, keep reading to see the top four occasions when you should wear a double-breasted suit.

1. Weddings


Looking to swing heads in your direction as you walk down the aisle or mingle with guests? The double-breasted suit is a quiet but sure way to achieve this effect.

2. Interviews


You only get one chance to create the perfect first impression at your next job interview. Therefore you can bet the first thing most interviewers will notice is how you dress, and a double-breasted suit will show that you take yourself seriously.

3. Summmer Garden Parties


These are less formal occasions than weddings and job interviews; however, the double-breasted suit will come in handy and will help to announce your grand entrance. 

4. Business Meetings


From negotiating a merger to closing a new client, there are few business contexts where the double-breasted suit does not blend in and yet stand out with class. 


The Double-Breasted Suit can be used in Most Contexts

From weddings to interviews, garden parties, business meetings and almost every type of event you can think of, the double-breasted suit can be relied upon to help portray you in the best possible way. If you are thinking of getting one, you should make sure to get a bespoke suit.

Why bespoke? Despite the availability of relatively pricey suits at most stores, a bespoke suit will be perfectly tailored, using only your preferred materials, and your exact measurement, to create a suit that is truly yours and yours alone. If you would like to have one made, or simply have a few more questions about the process, we would be glad to have you get in touch