Suit Jacket Alteration: How Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

Our suit jacket alteration service ensures that your bespoke suit jacket, favourite leather jacket or any other article of clothing fits you in the way you want it at all times. Whether you need a basic hem or a reduction of a size or two for a suit or coat, we can ensure your clothing looks and fits as good as new. All alterations are individual, and before we quote, we inspect each item, ensuring that the alteration will always be to the highest standards.

Unlike other tailors on Savile Row, we undertake alteration work on suede and leather clothing articles. Our machinery and our tailors’ extensive experience working with leather and suede make it possible to offer this service and effectively carry out almost any alteration type.

For any suit jacket alteration, we inform our clients that small changes often make a massive difference. For instance, a basic helm or a slight reduction or addition in size can make your suit as good as brand new at a fraction of the price of a new bespoke suit. Besides adjusting size, suit jacket alterations allow for old, pre-loved suits to get refreshed through subtle changes, such as replacing buttons to keep up-to-date with suit-style trends.


Jacket seams

The jacket seems can be tapered to make a more fitted style and remove the ‘boxy’ straight side seam that many outdated jackets have. Alternatively, you may find your jacket is tighter than you initially wanted, and in that case, jackets can be expanded by 1 – 2″ depending on how much fabric remains.

Jacket sleeves

Jacket sleeves may be the easiest part of a jacket to change. Sleeves are perfect when they start from the shoulder down and precisely extend down to the wrist. Altering the length of a sleeve is a common change that significantly improves the look and feel of a suit jacket.

Trousers length

Most off-the-rack suit trousers come unhemmed with a lot of extra fabric at the bottom. Trousers often surpass the top of your shoes or are shorter than the ideal length; therefore, a simple alteration is adjusting the size to ensure the right shape and length are delivered. An important thing to note is trousers can only be lengthened to the extent of whatever hem material remains at the bottom.

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