The History Of Tailoring: The Hildago Brother’s Version

The history of tailoring dates all the way back to the 13th century. The word “tailor” first appeared in the Oxford Dictionary in 1297. It originates from the French word “taller”, which means to cut.

It all started in the middle ages. This is where tailoring first began with some men making body armour for a living. Linen garments were woven by hand to be used under chain mail for soldiers. This had multiple purposes such as preventing chaffing from heavy armour but also as an added layer of protection. Those garments were woven from one single cloth and were primarily used as a covering for your body – it was not meant to be a tool in the vast toolbox of tailoring. Due to the nature of the work, most of the worlds earliest known tailors were Europeans.

Here at Hildago Brothers, history of tailoring for us began in the 20th century. The founders, Marco and Ramon started their brand with the vision to instil passion into each suit they create. The brothers discovered their love for tailoring early in on while growing up in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito. The Hidalgo name has a long association with fine tailoring the Brothers learned from their uncle.

At 24 Marco left Quito and to begin his Savile Row career at Norton and Sons. In 1989 having mastered his craft from some of the finest tailors’ in London Marco established his own tailoring brand. When he was joined by his brother and together Hidalgo Brothers the brand was born.

Their new range of Made To Measure suits introduces fine tailoring to a new generation. The same passion and attention to detail is available for new clients arriving in Savile Row.

The shop continues to be very popular among young business owners and established professionals, as well as clients in various industries. One of the many reasons why clients choose the Hidalgo Brothers is really simple: they want to look as good and as sharp as possible while they continue with their personal and professional pursuits.

The history of tailoring wouldn’t mean much to you if you haven’t experienced the joy of owning a well-tailored outfit. Hildago Brothers can help you with that. Reach out to us here.