The Savile Row Tailoring Experience At Its Finest

Owning a Savile Row suit gives your dressing a supreme joy. The undeniable menswear global capital and the famous street in the world is the Savile Row Street in Mayfair. This street has produced the best bespoke suit and made to measure suits in the world.

These tailors with non-other than the Hidalgo Brothers possess a deep tailoring experience, and they hand-craft the best bespoke suits.

The Savile Row tailors undergo a thorough crafting process to ensure clients leave with a suit that best reflects who they are because it is designed just to fit them.
There are steps to obtaining that perfect suit, but each step represents a whole new experience on its own.

The Savile Row Bespoke Suit Process

Measurement And Consultation

Visiting a tailor for the first time can be daunting sometimes. At Hidalgo Brothers, we aim at dispelling the fears of clients, making the process a convenient and pleasant one. We listen kindly to our prospective clients because some customers already have a specific design in mind. We pay close attention to their demands and give possible recommendations about the style, and fabric that will be suitable for their upcoming events.

It is vital to understand the client’s requirements before measuring. One of the secrets to creating a perfect bespoke suit is extensive measurements. A bespoke-suit requires a lot of skill and effort because it is hand-made. When you visit us, we devote a considerable amount of time to taking your measurement.

It sometimes takes weeks to be completed, but the result is delightful.

Pattern Cutting And Construction

The pattern and construction is the stage where the actual work begins and your dream perfect suit begins to take shape. At this level, the Savile Row tailor transfers all the measurements into a paper. This unique paper pattern will form the template from which the fabric will be cut to design the suit.

The Fitting Stage

No measurement is 100 percent, so this is when the fitting stage comes in. After some weeks, you will come for a first fitting. At this stage, the suit will be formed but unfinished. The tailor will assess all the vital areas that need alterations to ensure the final bespoke suit fit perfectly.

Once all the adjustments are made and the suit is finally sewed up, the client comes in for the final fitting and takes the bespoke suit home.

Visit the Hidalgo Brothers at Savile Row street for that all-around classy, fitted bespoke suit that will make you feel like you are the cream of the crop.

Get in touch with us today and experience the joy of owning a well-tailored outfit.