2023 Trends for Groom and Best Men Suits

Weddings. A joyous day celebrating the union between two individuals who love each other unconditionally and have made a decision to spend the rest of their lives together. The focus should be love, right? But we all know the biggest importance is the bride’s dress or dresses in many cases and the groom’s suit. Yes, the groom as well! Brides are no longer the sole centre of attention. This is why we’ve listed our top 2023 trends for groom suits and also why not best men’s suits.


Bespoke and Customisation

A Hidalgo speciality. Nothing beats a bespoke or custom-made fitting for your perfect day. You will stand out – on the day and in pictures. It is widely considered the epitome of menswear and is consistently proven to be a source of style, elegance and masculinity.


3 Is A Magic Number

Considered mandatory for the grooms and groomsmen, especially at the actual wedding itself. Men love the formality of a three-piece as it’s very rare that they’ll have the opportunity to wear it somewhere else. 

Pocket Flowers 

Officially known as a boutonniere and traditionally bestowed by the bride’s father, pocket flowers are making a comeback as more men are unapologetically embracing the intricacies and final touches of their wedding day garments. Various styles include dried flowers, mix & match arrangements, pastel colours and bright spring flower assortments.


Casual Swag 

Hey, it’s near  2022! YOLO, carpe diem and nobody knows tomorrow has never been more relevant, especially during a pandemic. Hence why people are opting for more casual suits. The wedding ceremony is always followed by a reception which typically consists of heavy dancing, eating and lots of laughter – who wants to be uncomfortable during that?

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  1. what are some top suit trends for grooms in 2023?

Some of the top trends for grooms in 2023  include bespoke and custom-made fittings, three-piece suits, pocket flowers (also known as boutonnieres), and more casual suits.


Bespoke and customisation refer to a suit that is tailor-made specifically for the individual. It is considered the epitome of menswear and is a source of style, elegance, and masculinity.

  1. what are pocket flowers?

Pocket flowers, also known as boutonnieres, are small flower arrangements worn on the lapel of a suit. They are traditionally bestowed by the bride’s father and are making a comeback as more men embrace the final touches of their wedding day garments.