Bite The Bullet: 3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Tailor Fitted Suits

What exactly is the fuss over tailor fitted suits? They’re more expensive to make and look the same, don’t they? A lot of people think this way but they’re wrong. As the name implies, tailored suits are handmade for individual clients, using their unique measurements, and taking into account any peculiar needs.

No matter how well-tailored a ready-to-wear suit may be, no two men are exactly the same. Even for men of a comparative build, there could be significant differences in things such as arm length, neck girth, etc.

If you are considering making an investment in tailored suits, here are three facts that will help you make your mind up.

1. Tailored Suits Give a Better Fit

When it comes to suits, the trick really lies in getting a great fit. While there are lots of good suits that may fit well, right off the rack, getting a suit that has been made to fit every nook and cranny of your body is unbeatable.

If you are fit, a well-fitted suit will make you appear more so, and if you aren’t a well-fitted suit is an excellent way to hide this.

2. You can Select Your Own Fabric

Mass producers of off-the-rack suits generally do not go out of their way to use quality materials. Doing so might drive production costs up and make off-the-rack suits less competitive.

With tailor fitted suits, however, you usually will have your tailor use a high-quality fabric of your choice. Here at Hidalgo Brothers, we offer our clients the highest grade of options, including designer fabrics from Holland and Sherry, Domeuil, and Dugdale Bros. and Co, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Loro Piana.

Not only do good fabrics stand out and add a touch of class, but they also last much longer.

3. Have your Suit Fully Customized

What this means is that your suit will be made exactly to your taste, not just your build. Whatever style you prefer, whatever quirks you may have, these can be taken into consideration by a top-quality tailor.

Whether you choose to go with the conventional three-button suit, or the ultra-modern one-button suit, single or double-breasted jacket, a notched or peaked lapel, the choices are entirely yours.

If you would like to create a distinctive look but have no idea where to start, you should read our guide on styling the modern suit.

If you would like to get started customizing your suits, get in touch with us to book an appointment right away.