From the grader tailors of Savile Row to the glossy windows of Jermyn Street, London has for so long been the home for gentleman’s bespoke shirting and suits.
Working with a tailor is a rewarding and interesting experience because a good tailor possesses the ability to make your outfit primarily to fit your physical attributes. However, working with inexperience tailors is one nightmare you don’t want to ever experience.
This is why you need to be able to identify the best tailors in London.

  • See an outfit you like? Ask questions

The first and the easiest way to find the best tailors will be to go around asking questions. If you see someone donning a beautiful outfit, you can walk up to them and ask them questions about the tailor that made the outfit for them. You don’t need to be scared about walking up to people; everyone loves compliments.

  • Check Reviews

The first step to finding the best tailors in London can be done in the comfort of your own home. With the use of the internet, you can check out reviews and comments on all sorts of service professionals, including tailors.

  • Men’s Tailors Are The Bomb

In the world of tailoring, tailors who primarily work with men are some of the most talented pros out there. You would be in luck if you’re a woman and these tailors also work with women. Now that you know that you’re most likely to find the best tailors in London amongst men’s tailors, you have successfully narrowed down your search.

  • Have a conversation with them

When you’ve finally selected potential tailors after asking around and reading reviews online, you have to actually have a conversation with them. Don’t just spend all the time talking to them about what you’re looking for. Try to also hear what they have to say. The best ones will have some feedback for you about feasibility, scheduling and costs. Those who insist they can handle any project likely are not a good choice.

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