Exclusively For You: Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring

No fabric is cut until you have been measured! The beauty of bespoke tailoring is that clothes are designed from scratch with no pre-existing pattern. Fabrics are cut and made by hand, meaning individual patterns are made only for the customer to enable superiority of the fit. But most of the time when it comes to choosing attire, many people shy away from bespoke clothing, being convinced it’s devastatingly expensive. But it won’t be an exaggeration to know that custom-made outfits help to showcase your unique style and create a strong impression.

Is Bespoke Tailoring Worth It?

There are so many reasons why you should invest in bespoke. Here is why we think custom made attires are worth it:

Design Your Style: Create an Ethical Wardrobe

Unlike off-the-rack where your personal choice doesn’t count much, with custom made clothes, you’ve got all the right to make decisions. When you visit a tailor like Hidalgo Brothers, you’re allowed to choose the fabric quality, the colour, how you want it to sit on your body, the hand and collar styles and many more. Bespoke helps you look smart and stylish, it also provides you with enough ease and comfort as it doesn’t restrict your movement. So if being distinctive matters to you, then bespoke is the way to go!

Exquisite Crafting Process

A bespoke tailoring process is entirely different. There is a exceptional amount of work put in place for a unique result. Couturiers take up to 30 measurements to ensure all the details are captured. They then proceed to the cutting and the sewing, re-cutting, re-sewing, re-pressing, right up till the multiple fittings. All this exquisite work is to make the garment feel human for it is an artistic creation, rather than a mechanical one.

Custom Clothing are an Excellent Investment

Investing in bespoke outfits is an excellent way to ensure that you get the perfect fit every time, without wasting hours changing clothes in the dressing room. Here, outfits are cheaper in the long run. It may cost you a little more upfront due to the extreme care that goes into the crafting process. But you’re guaranteed to don these clothes for years without having to replace them year in and year out.

Your Perfect Fit is Guaranteed

A premium fit is what you get from choosing a custom made. Men and women of all sizes can rest assured that their pieces will fit every time and that their jacket, blouse, pants, shirt and suit are made specifically for them. Multiple fittings at different stages of the tailoring process, help build a more comfortable piece of clothing.

Types of Savile Row Bespoke Attire

1. Bespoke Jackets

Custom jackets come in a plethora of styles, and each with differing levels of formality. The five most common jackets are:

Basic suit jacket

A basic suit jacket comes in a two- or three-piece suit and it could either be a single-breasted or a double-breasted suit. These British suit styles are cut closer to the body form with a slightly narrower and defined shoulder with higher armholes. The shoulders are tailored to fit around your torso. Jackets have heavier cloth, stiffer chest canvas, and thicker shoulder pads.

A Dinner Suit Jacket

It is also called a tuxedo and always comes in navy or black colour. The lapels of this jacket style are usually faced with satin or grosgrain. It has a shawl or peak shape with a jetted pocket shape. So if you’re planning for a wedding or any formal dinner event, a bespoke tuxedo will be ideal.

Sports Jacket

This style is most common for people who like to pair their suit jackets with jeans trousers. Casual jackets are more breathability meaning, during the selection of the fabric, you’re advised to go for lightweight materials. The most common fabric types are:

  •  Cotton fabrics
  • A Linen fabric
  • Wool
  • A blend of silk (occasionally)


The shape of a blazer is more structured compared to a sports jacket. They are generally squarish with wide shoulder pads, and a notched lapel with patched pockets.


Tail suit jackets are a very formal look reserved mostly for white tie events. Given over the formal look of this style of suit, you can rarely see tails worn.

2. Dress Shirts

Invest some extra cash into classic customised shirts and reap the rewards. It is essential to have at least seven different collared dress shirts in your wardrobe. At Savile Row, tailors render shirt service with a perfect cut and fit designed to complement and complete clients’ appearance. In addition to your well-fitting suit, these dress shirts can pull an outfit together. So whether you need a stiff collar and double cuffs for a formal evening event or a rounded collar and single cuff for an informal event, you’re guaranteed a comfortable shirt.

3. Bespoke Pants

To stay on top of your game, you need to invest in some versatile custom made trousers. At Mayfair street, suit pants are designed to have a high waistline and up to two or three pleats giving them a better shape. Bespoke pants are sewn by hand, and the component pieces move with greater freedom, giving more flexibility and range of motion in the finished garment. Feel for yourself the luxury of donning handmade bespoke pants.

Bespoke tailoring uses patterns that are individually created every time a garment is made by a skilled tailor. A one-size pattern can not fit everyone because what is good for one person might not work for another, boiling down to your personal taste. Here at Hidalgo Brothers, our bespoke service specialises in creating custom garments made exclusively for our clients’ tastes.