Hidalgo Brothers History: London High-Street Tailoring Store

Hidalgo Brothers is a high-street tailoring store located in London, more specifically Savile Row. Built between 1731 and 1735 on freehold land owned by merchant tailor William Maddox, as it stands there’s nowhere more renowned and revered for traditional men’s bespoke tailoring. Currently, this street is home to more than 20 tailors which may seem like a lot but in the world of tailoring, it barely scratches the surface. Only the best and most competent are eligible to set up shop.


Hidalgo History

Founded by brothers Marco and Ramon, their love for tailoring began growing up in Quito, Ecuador where they gained interest and learnt the craft of tailoring from their uncle. In order to take his career to the next level, Marco left Ecuador’s capital and moved to London to work for one Norton and Sons – a Savile Row tailor since 1821. Being around some of the finest tailors in London, the experience allowed him to master his craft giving him the confidence to set up his own tailoring brand in 1989. When his brother Ramon joined him, Hidalgo Brothers was born.


Hidalgo Services

Made To Measure

Our Made to Measure service makes use of existing patterns to fit the individual. The turnaround in comparison to bespoke tailoring is considerably faster and more cost-effective thus appealing to our younger clientele. On the other hand, they are extremely useful when one has an important engagement and needs something professional that looks the part!


Transform your retail suit into something new. Off-the-rack suits typically are generic, bland and have a one-size-fits-all output. But we know better which is why we take pleasure in revamping something to become the right fit.


Hidalgo for Women

Women suits are increasingly becoming popular especially in the workplace where they are often taken more seriously when resembling attire similar to that of their male counterparts. Whether you’re looking for something masculine, unisex or feminine, Hidalgo Brothers thoroughly enjoys the creative process that comes with tailoring for women because of the various styles, colours and fabrics to choose from.

Look no further than Hidalgo Brothers to take care of your bespoke suits and shirting needs. We have a dedicated, experienced and competent team ready and willing to cater to your every need.