10 Tips To Look Polished

When you feel good, you look good. But how does one get a polished look? The main bold step is being real to your true self. By accepting who you are and not comparing yourself to another, you will create a wardrobe, beauty routine, and lifestyle that celebrates your unique self. Humans are all unique in different ways. Let your style express your individuality be it a bold or subtle approach. Your clothing, your hairstyle, your beard, can all communicate volumes about you, and communication through personal style is often very powerful. Below are tips for looking polished and will work for you no matter your shape, size, budget, or personal style aesthetic.

Tips for a Polished Look

1. Know your Style & Accept your Body Shape

Accepting and embracing your interior and exterior self is the key to achieving personal style, and looking good. Purchase clothes for your current self, your current shape. Personal style is an experiment, you never know what amazing looks await you until you’re in the dressing room. Be assured that developing a signature style can take years, but you can get started by creating a mood board.

Take time to play with colours and shapes to find what looks great on your body physique. And also, when you have the spirit of shopping for exactly what you want will help you avoid filling your closet with items you never wear. When your wardrobe consists of pieces that you love, styling an outfit will become second nature.

2. Pay Attention to the Fit

The next tip for obtaining a classy look is the fit. You can dress in the most expensive outfit, but if it doesn’t fit right, something will always look off about your appearance. Avoid shopping for bigger/ smaller clothes with the intention to gain/lose some pounds in a month or week. Cease doing that, it is not stylish and would only make you resent your perfectly lovely body. Honour your body by buying clothes that fit it now. If your size or shape changes in the future, you can tailor your clothes to adjust. The best way to look amazing is to get your clothing tailored. Whether it’s a suit, t-shirt, or pantsuit, when it is trimmed to fit your figure, it will give you a fantastic appearance, and make the garments look more expensive. We’ve noticed that some men will often choose clothes that are far too big for them because they want to appear broader than they are, or they want to be the most comfortable. Skinny fitting or clothing can be just as unflattering, knowing what works best for your body type will save you a lot of frustration, money, and time.

3. Stick to Neutral & Versatile Pieces of Clothing

When creating your foundational wardrobe, try to stick to neutral and versatile pieces of clothing. If you’re nervous about adding different shades to your look, start with just one colourful piece, and keep the rest neutral. And when you’re more comfortable with colours, you can start combining them to see which works best for your style. Purchase clothing that will be able to be paired with as many outfits as possible. You could also try clashing textures and prints; it will give you a polished look. Start small with neutral patterns, then add paisleys in small amounts (like a scarf, tie, or clutch) until you get what works for you.

4. Go for Quality & Get Over the Name

Quality garments not only look nicer, but it also lasts longer and will appear more lived in. A stylish, polished look man hardly ever wears obvious brand names because they value quality over the name. Wearing an ill-fitting, and un-you dress from top designers is far worse than wearing a well-fitting simple one from off the rack. Shopping for what constitutes a well-made piece of clothing will help save money and stay away from overly logoed and branded attires. It’s important to focus on fewer pieces of greater quality, than many things of lower quality.

5. Pair of Quality Suits

Suits are some of the must-have items in a man’s wardrobe to give him that polished and professional look. Start with the basics. Getting a traditional two-piece suit in darker tones is a necessity in every working man’s closet. Be it in black, navy blue or dark grey, or charcoal. And for gentlemen who find pleasure in being daring and dandy, a light suit or daring colour suits will be absolutely essential. It brings variety and shows attitude.

6. Dress Shirts & Casual Shirts of Several Colours

Invest a bit of extra money into classic shirts and reap the rewards. As a man, it is essential to have at least seven collared shirts in your wardrobe which are dress shirts and collared button-downs. For a formal look, dress shirts are ideal, especially for men who spend most of their time in suits and sports jackets. Casual button-downs come in a wider variety of styles and patterns. You might see double pockets with buttons on the chest.

7. Invest in Versatile Pants

To stay polished as a man you need to invest in some versatile pants. Purchase pants with colours you can easily match with any shirt, shoes, or belt. Go in for neutral colours like; black, navy blue, grey, maroon, and cream.

8. Upgrade Your Shoe Game

Shoes have the ability to make a killer first impression if they’re clean and appropriate. A nice shine brings a pair of shoes up a couple of notches, which makes your whole look shine as well. Luckily enough there’s something for everyone, thousands of different kinds of shoes to choose from. So whether you like the ruggedness of dress boots, sleeker brogues, or loafers.

9. Ties

A tie has crossed a long way from an obligatory piece of office formal wear to a statement item every elegant man can take pride in.  Pay attention to the style of your collar, since not every shape complements every tie. Ensure to explore what lengths and widths go with which types of blazers.

10. Add a belt

When it comes to belts, simple is better. Wearing a belt is one of the easiest ways to make your appearance look more put-together. To obtain a polished look, go in for a belt made from quality leather. Belts with simple brass buckles and wear belts that match your shoes’ colour and texture. You should dress for success and not like a full-time bull rider. For starters, buy a black and brown belt.

Now it’s time to set up your game and obtain that polished look you desire. Here at Hidalgo Brothers, we provide our clients with all-around services; from suit customising, to dress shirts, right up to dress shoes. We work with quality fabrics and possess years of work experience with several clients.

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