2021’s Best Savile Row Suits

No matter how packed it might be, there’s always going to be space in your wardrobe for the best Savile Row suits.

Although only a few hundred yards long, Savile Row’s influence and significance spans thousands of miles beyond its confines as it is considered by many to be the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring for men. Could you then say your closet is complete without a Savile Row suit?

After months of cancelled events, we bet you are looking for any opportunity to dress up and look your best. You need the best Savile Row suit for that.

The Best Savile Row suits in 2021

1. For a wedding

When it comes to weddings, you will be making a sartorial statement by donning a bespoke double-breasted suit. This is the best way to look your best and distinguish yourself from the rest in such events. Just be kind enough to let the groom enjoy some attention as well.

2. For black-tie events

Is there a better outfit to wear for a black-tie event or other formal occasions than the tux? Whether it is through a zoom call or live, the tuxedo provides you with the chance to showcase your unique style and get the right impressions.

3. The best all-rounder

If you can only have one of the best Savile Row suits in 2021, then it will be smart for you to settle for a versatile style and colour that can work for you on multiple occasions, from job interviews, and networking events to funerals. With this in mind, you could go for a simple navy blue or charcoal grey two-button suit. These colours and style will allow you to match them up with different shirts, ties and shoes.

The best Savile row suits in 2021 are not just those influenced by the ever-changing trends, they are also those that align with your unique personality and style while fitting you like a glove. You can count on the Hidalgo Brothers for such results. Get in touch with us for more information.