Best Fabric for Neckties, Scarves & Bowties by Hidalgo Brothers

You have read the other blog posts on the best fabric for a suit. But have you ever thought about the best fabrics for neckties, scarves & bowties other fabric suit accessories?

When it comes to these fabric suit accessories, there are different styles and thus, different fabrics.

Best Fabric for Neckties, Scarves & Bowties by Hidalgo Brothers

Silk Ties

The number one best fabric is silk. You might think silk to be a weak fabric but that is a misnomer. It is a very durable natural fiber. Silk neckties and bowties are great because they retain shape.

Cotton Ties

In the heat of the summer, linen and cotton are the best fabric for neckties. This is because linen and cotton are very light and make for comfortable wear for those long office days. You can enjoy these fabric accessories in different colours and styles like plaids and polka dots, if that’s your thing or go for one solid colour.

Woolen Ties

A nice compliment to a nice thick jacket is a woolen necktie. Because of the nature of the woolen tie, it stores warmth, great for the winter.

Knitted Ties

The last but surely not least are knitted bowties & neckties. These neckties are not as formal as the aforementioned. However, they can be worn for day-to-day activities like going to the office or a casual brunch.

Have fun with the best fabric for neckties, bows, and scarves as the weather permits it, with your suits. And where else to look if not Hidalgo Brothers. Book an appointment and be pleasantly surprised.