How Much Does A Quality Bespoke Suit From Savile Row Cost?

A suit that fits makes you feel confident and incredibly attractive, and if you’re looking forward to a quality, fitting suit, then a bespoke suit from Savile Row is the right option. The Savile Row suit is crafted by hand and based on patterns exclusively requested by customers. A bespoke suit is made by a tailor with great care to provide the client with a perfect fit. Are you considering getting a suit for an event and wondering how much is a bespoke suit from Savile Row?

With these few points, let’s see how much you can charge for a Savile Row bespoke suit. But first, what is a bespoke tailored suit?

What is a Bespoke Tailored Suit?

A bespoke tailored suit is the epitome of personalised fashion, designed and crafted to fit an individual’s specific measurements and style preferences. Unlike off-the-rack suits, which are mass-produced in standard sizes, or made-to-measure suits that adjust a pre-existing pattern, a bespoke suit starts from scratch. An expert tailor takes multiple measurements to create a unique pattern for the customer, allowing for an unparalleled fit that complements the wearer’s physique.

How Much is a Bespoke Suit from Savile Row

1. The Process is Step-By-Step

It helps to start by understanding what a bespoke tailored suit is. Bespoke tailors are one of the most patient tailors; they prioritize every step. After the selection of your fabric, they proceed with your measurements, and they take three or more measurements to ensure all details are captured.

There are multiple fittings and re-cutting to achieve the desired result pleasing to the customer.

2. The Ability to Make Choices

One of the amazing features of a bespoke suit is that you get the chance to pick your fabric, the desired colour, the pattern, the cut, and its details.

It means building your wardrobe with something unique.

3. Longevity

A British bespoke suit will last you a lifetime. Going in for a bespoke suit in London is like investing in a business with the hope of reaping profit in the nearest future. It is a short-term pain for long-term gain.

Invest in a long-lasting, timeless, and elegant suit. Again, a greater appeal because this suit can easily be repaired and adjusted.

4. High-End Fabric Quality

Imagine spending so much on a suit and later on realizing how low the fabric quality is. A bespoke Savile Row suit saves you from the hands of low-quality suits. You will be presented with materials made out of 100% wool, from heavyweight to lightweight fabrics for different seasons. The choice is yours to make on a fabric suitable for your event.

how much is a bespoke suit from Savile Row

Factors Affecting Savile Row Suit Prices

The allure of a bespoke Savile Row suit is undeniable, but a common question lingers: “How much is a bespoke suit from Savile Row?” While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, understanding the factors that influence Savile Row suit prices can help you set realistic expectations. Several key elements contribute to the final cost:

1. Fabric Choices

The type of material used plays a significant role. Savile Row tailors source exquisite fabrics, from classic and durable 100% wool to more luxurious options such as cashmere or silk blends. The weight of the fabric, its weave complexity, and its origin (with fabrics from renowned mills typically commanding a higher price) all play critical roles in determining the final cost. The intrinsic value of the material, along with its durability and the elegance it lends to the final product, significantly impacts Savile Row prices.

2. Complexity of Design

The design’s complexity is another crucial factor. Bespoke suits are celebrated for their impeccable fit and unique details. Features such as hand-stitched lapels, custom pocket styles, and personalised lining choices require extensive labour and expertise, contributing to higher Savile Row tailor prices. The more complex and time-consuming the design and tailoring process, the higher the price tag, reflecting the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into each garment.

3. Number of Fittings

The bespoke process involves multiple fittings to ensure a perfect fit. While some tailors may require more fittings than others, the overall number can influence the final cost. The Hidalgo Brothers strive to achieve the perfect fit in a timely manner, keeping the number of fittings efficient.

4. Craftsmanship and Tailor’s Reputation

The level of craftsmanship and the tailor’s reputation also play integral roles in determining the price. Tailors on Savile Row are renowned for their sartorial expertise, honed over years of practice and dedication to the craft. A suit crafted by a tailor with a storied reputation and a high demand for their work naturally commands a premium, reflective of the quality, heritage, and bespoke service offered.

Each of these elements is a testament to the bespoke journey’s exclusivity and the unparalleled quality of a Savile Row tailored suit, ensuring that each garment is not just a piece of clothing but a personal investment in style, comfort, and elegance.

Savile Row Suit Prices: Investment vs. Expense

When considering how much a bespoke suit from Savile Row might set you back, it’s pivotal to shift perspective from seeing this as a mere expense to viewing it as a significant investment. While Savile Row suit prices may seem like a significant initial investment, it’s important to consider the long-term value proposition. Unlike off-the-rack suits that wear out quickly, a bespoke Savile Row suit is not just a garment but a piece of artistry that offers longevity, potentially becoming an heirloom passed down through generations.

Its ability to retain value over time is unparalleled; a bespoke suit maintains its elegance, fit, and quality years beyond the purchase date, unlike off-the-rack alternatives. This enduring quality ensures that the Savile Row suit price reflects not just the cost of fabric and craftsmanship but an investment in a wardrobe staple that withstands the test of time, retaining its aesthetic and functional value.

All in all, bespoke suits are known for the perfect fitting and the comfort you gain in the rocking process. So, to answer the question, how much is a bespoke suit from Savile Row? It’s not a mere expense but an investment in timeless style, comfort, and quality that holds its value for years to come.

Alternatives to Savile Row Bespoke Suits

Recognising that the bespoke process, with its attendant Savile Row tailor prices, might not be within everyone’s reach or necessary for every client, the Hidalgo Brothers offer alternatives that still reflect the quality and craftsmanship associated with our name. Our made-to-measure suits provide a balance between complete customisation and cost, offering a tailored fit that adheres to our high standards with a more accessible price point. This option allows clients to experience the luxury and precision of a Savile Row tailor’s craftsmanship, with fewer fittings and a streamlined selection process, making it an excellent choice for those seeking quality and value.

Invest in a Tailored Suit From the Hidalgo Brothers

Are you ready to elevate your wardrobe with a piece that truly stands out? Whether you’re leaning towards the unparalleled bespoke experience or our high-quality made-to-measure options, the Hidalgo Brothers are here to guide you through the process. We invite you to book a consultation with our tailors, who will be delighted to discuss your needs and preferences. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in a garment that will serve you for years to come, crafted by the esteemed tailors of Savile Row. Contact us to start your journey towards owning a piece of sartorial excellence.

Common Questions:

Why bespoke Savile Row suits are worth it?

Precise measurements, expert after-service, suit longevity, and the use of high-end fabric quality.


Why invest in a Savile Row suit?

A suit that fits you perfectly makes you feel more confident and attractive.