Bespoke Suits from London Tailors Define Class and Distinct Identity

The best bespoke suits in London are found on Savile Row, the home of the modern professional tailor. It can be a headache searching for the right tailor with so many around. There is but one place, one street where you can buy the best British bespoke suits—Savile Row.

Bespoke suits from London are custom-tailored to the measurements and preferences of each client and are made from scratch to ensure a perfect fit. The elegant suits of the British and European nobility were first sold in Savile Row, and the practice has lived on to this day. An article in FORM, Duke University’s official lifestyle magazine, relates:

“Savile Row has produced the finest bespoke suit designs for over 200 years. Tailors that set up shop in the 18th and 19th centuries remain open to this day, producing custom suits for celebrities, businessmen, and world leaders. Though many Savile Row tailoring houses refuse to give their list of customers, some notable Savile Row customers include Edward VII, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Cary Grant, Alexander McQueen, Prince William, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Carr, Sir Elton John, and David Beckham.”

What is a Bespoke suit?

So, what is a bespoke tailored suit? This is a British bespoke suit that has been tailor-made for your body specifically. We take over twenty measurements to ensure that the final product, fits like a glove.

There are different kinds of suits all meant for the appropriate event. For instance, an Italian suit is great for a corporate/semi-formal event while the tux is strictly meant for regal formal events like weddings or galas.

Suits can also be your daily attire if you so desire. The key is to have fun with fashion for it is unique to each individual so don’t put yourself in a box.

At Hidalgo Brothers, you will find that we have decades of experience under our belts with an ever-growing clientele. In addition to creating an original suit, we also offer services that include but aren’t limited to suit alterations and custom accessories such as neckties, bowties, scarves, cufflinks, braces, shoes, etc.

Savile Row bespoke suits are for those people who love and enjoy wearing suits. To adorn a suit is to put forth to the world that you are very much aware of who you are and how you want to be perceived. Suits don’t have to be boring; you can choose from a range of our in-house fabrics to create your very own suit style.

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what makes bespoke suits from london so special?

There are three specific reasons why tailored suits in London stand out from the rest:

1. Distinct Style

Having a distinct style also means having a distinct identity. The bespoke suit has become the British staple for high-end fashion. For affluent or influential men, the clothing is a fitting indication of class, with a price range that reaches over a thousand pounds. It is a costly, yet, worthy purchase in pursuit of distinctly British haute couture.

2. Notable Workmanship

The work and man-hours rendered to make a bespoke suit in London are worthy of its price. Bespoke tailors in London take more than 20 measurements before a cutter can create an individual pattern for a client. All suits are hand-made and involve a great deal of time, effort, and skill, and could even take weeks to finish, depending on the style.

3. Marked Individuality

There are thousands of varied patterns to choose from to have a bespoke suit made by premier London Savile Row tailors such as Hidalgo Brothers. Compared with the tuxedo, which has a more commercial approach, the London bespoke suit offers prestige and is made to fit not just any man but the man of the hour (even if he is just a spectator in an important affair).

Indeed, clothes do make the man, but for Savile Row tailors, bespoke men’s wedding suits are an art form- a combination of national identity and importance, a fashion statement, and a cultural icon. Get in touch with us to develop a distinct identity.

How To Find the best tailored suits in London?

There is no better place to get a bespoke suit other than in London. When searching for luxurious bespoke men’s suits in London, look no further than Mayfair’s street, it has always been considered the best in men’s wear due to its unique features.

Have you finally decided to own a custom-made suit but do not have a tailor and wonder how to go about the whole process? Check out these points, it will serve as a guide towards getting your perfect suit.


You can not wake up one morning and walk into a shop and start asking for a suit. Firstly, do some groundwork. Maybe you want a bespoke suit for an important event coming up, or you want something new and classic in your wardrobe. Start by setting your budget. Next, you can search on the Internet or ask friends. These will serve as your first guide.


The second stage is to carry out a physical background check on the different types of tailoring shops. Look at the quality of services they render while considering the price. You may get recommendations from friends and family. You can also google search to make your personal choice.

Once you have that, you might want to start your search from the famous street in London. This Mayfair Street produces the number one bespoke suits in London. Among these many talented tailors that reside on Savile Row, the Hidalgo Brothers always stand out.


A bespoke suit that is handled well can last for decades with the quality still intact. The Hidalgo Brothers serve clients with top-quality fabrics suitable for any event. Get your desired tailored suit in London by communicating your ideas to the tailor. Our communication system is one of a kind. We listen attentively to our customers and pay close attention to all their needs so we can provide the best possible answers. We believe that a satisfied client is a loyal client, and with our 40 years of experience, you can count on us for your perfect fitting suit.

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Common Questions:

Are bespoke suits worth the price?

There are three reasons why bespoke suits are worth the price. The distinct style, the notable workmanship involved and the marked individuality.


Why should I purchase a bespoke suit?

If you love the feeling of wearing elegant suits, we highly recommend a suit that allows you to define your very own style that expresses your true self.