Savile Row Suit Makers – The Best in the Business

As you probably already know, Savile Row, a street located in Mayfair, Central London, is one of the most popular destinations for men’s suits in the world. This famous street is home to several of the very best tailors around the world, with an emphasis on men’s fashion. Savile Row suit-makers generally specialize in making bespoke, made-to-measure suits, and are favourite for corporate executives, celebrities, and other people who need to make a sharp appearance.

If you are looking to create a suit that will fit you like a glove and set you apart from the crowd, there is no better place to get it than on Savile Row.

The Best Savile Row Suit Makers

When it comes to finding a world-class suit maker on Savile Row you will be spoilt for choice. But even amongst the suit-making elite, a few stand out from the rest. At Hidalgo Brothers, we know that we are the best at what we do. Our proud history and outstanding record of customer satisfaction give strong supporting evidence for this claim!

Here are three reasons why Hidalgo Brothers are the best of Savile Row suit-makers:

40 Years of Experience

The Hidalgo Brothers possess 40 years of experience in tailoring. We are genuine experts at what we do, and when you trust us with your suits and other tailoring needs, this incredible expertise is brought to bear on your behalf!

We are Trusted by the Elites

We are trusted by the likes of Tom Ford, Zegna, Hackett, Ralph Lauren, and Dunhill. If they trust us, so should you!

We Start with Quality Materials

To ensure absolute consistency in quality, we only use the highest quality fabrics. All of our fabrics come from our trusted suppliers in England and Scotland, and occasionally, Italy, depending on the needs of our clients.

A Savile Row Suit Maker You can Trust

Savile Row suit-makers each offer a unique style, so picking one can be very tricky. However, with Hidalgo Brothers, you can never go wrong. We always ensure that you have a unique, bespoke experience while seeing to it that all of your sartorial needs are met.

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