Savile Row Tailors and Finding A Bespoke Suit Guide

A classic suit in a man’s wardrobe is an essential addition that complements and accentuates the body shape. Since the 18th and 19th centuries, Savile Row has been the home of gentlemen suits producing custom suits for world leaders, celebrities, and men of all class. These Savile Row tailors offer bespoke suits, made-to-measure, and ready to wear.

Among the many services provided at Savile Row, the drafting of bespoke suits has been on an escalating demand rate due to the extra skills and expertise knowledge put into achieving a suit that best reflects your personality. A bespoke suit is the best option if you are considering making a grand entrance at any event or creating a first impression.

Pondering how to go along with the whole process? This article guides you on how you can find a bespoke suit.


A bespoke suit is well-known for the perfect fit. This suit is a second skin, a garment that best reflects who you are because it is designed to fit you. Going in for a bespoke suit is like going in for something that doesn’t exist. It requires the skills of several experts to design that unique suit style and with Savile Row tailors you’re sure of that suit that fits like a glove.

At the outset, get yourself the right tailor. The street of Mayfair has numerous skilled tailors that might get you to confuse which is a good tailor or not. Do some research; check the portfolio, samples of already designed suits, and do not forget to check the level of experience. You would not want an untrained tailor to damage your expensive fabric. So choose a company like Hidalgo Brothers with 40 years of skill and experienced tailors.


One other thing a bespoke suit is popular for is its longevity. Handle a bespoke properly, and it will last for decades, saving you a fortune. Wondering why these suits last long? This is due to;

The striking 100% quality wool fabric

The measurement and cutting process

The Pattern creation

The Iteration of fitting

The exceptional service in the designing

And the result is a fitting suit made for your body that highlights your unique style. All this is possible when you chose the bespoke option with Savile Row’s best tailors, the Hidalgo Brothers.

Invest in a suit that makes you feel like a new person and lasts a lifetime. If you would like to get started or learn more about getting a bespoke suit of the highest quality, please get in touch with us today.