What to Wear to the Henley Royal Regatta 2024

Henley Royal Regatta is a celebration of tradition and style that epitomises the quintessence of British summer social and sporting events. Since its inception, the regatta has been a highlight of the rowing calendar and a pivotal social occasion, attracting enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Dressing appropriately for the Henley Royal Regatta is not merely a matter of tradition but a demonstration of respect for the event’s history and exclusivity. The dress code, particularly in areas like the Stewards’ Enclosure, is strict, reflecting the occasion’s formality and elegance. Adhering to this dress code enhances the overall atmosphere of the regatta, making it a unique blend of sporting excellence and social interaction.

This guide will cover what to wear to Henley Royal Regatta 2024.

General Guidelines for Men’s Attire at the Henley Royal Regatta

At the Henley Royal Regatta, your outfit selection speaks to both tradition and personal style. For men, the choice typically revolves around lounge suits and blazers, which are appropriate and admired for their classic and sharp appearance. At Hidalgo Brothers, we recommend a well-tailored lounge suit or a smart blazer paired with trousers.

Lounge suits offer a seamless blend of formality and comfort, ideal for this prestigious event. Opting for colours like navy, grey, or even subtler pastel hues can set you apart while keeping harmony with the event’s summery backdrop. Blazers, on the other hand, provide flexibility and a touch of personal flair. A blazer in a classic colour paired with contrasting trousers is a popular choice. For those wanting to nod to tradition, rowing blazers in bold stripes representing one’s club are acceptable and encouraged at the regatta.

The significance of ties or cravats cannot be overstated, as they are the pivotal elements that complete your ensemble. A tie or cravat provides a splash of colour and an additional layer of refinement to your outfit. Whether you choose a tie with a subtle pattern or a vibrant cravat, ensure it complements your overall look and adheres to the regatta’s style ethos. Remember, the Henley Royal Regatta is as much a display of sartorial elegance as it is of rowing prowess.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures that your attire meets the event’s expectations and reflects a distinguished sense of style. At Hidalgo Brothers, we take pride in crafting garments that embody the regatta’s spirit and the wearer’s individuality.

Men’s Dress Code for the Stewards’ Enclosure of Henley Royal Regatta

Gaining entry to the Stewards’ Enclosure at the Henley Royal Regatta demands adherence to a meticulously defined dress code. This exclusive regatta area is renowned for its high attire standards, reflecting the event’s prestige and heritage. For men, the requirements are clear: a lounge suit or a combination of a jacket or blazer with trousers accompanied by a tie or cravat.

1. Lounge Suits:

A single or double-breasted lounge suit remains a fail-safe choice. Opt for classic colours such as navy, charcoal, or lighter shades for summer. The fabric should be season-appropriate; we recommend breathable materials like lightweight wool, linen, or a blend that ensures comfort throughout the event.

2. Jackets or Blazers:

A blazer or sports jacket is perfectly acceptable if you don’t opt for a full suit. Traditional blazers in navy or club colours signify a connection to rowing or club heritage, adding a personal touch to your outfit. Pair your blazer with smart, tailored trousers in a complementary shade.

3. Ties or Cravats:

These are essential components of your outfit. A tie or cravat adds a formal touch and is an opportunity to introduce patterns and colours. Floral patterns, stripes, or paisley designs are suitable choices that blend tradition with modern style.

Practical Tips for Comfort and Style:

  • Fit is King: Ensure your suit or blazer is tailored to fit. A well-fitting outfit looks sharp and enhances comfort, allowing you to move freely and enjoy the day.
  • Fabric Choice: Choose fabrics wisely based on the weather. Lightweight materials such as linen or fine wool are ideal for summer and can help regulate body temperature.
  • Layering: Be prepared for weather changes. A lightweight blazer can be paired with a vest or a cardigan underneath for layering that can be adjusted throughout the day.
  • Accessories: Finalise your look with accessories such as a pocket square, a tasteful watch, and perhaps a Panama hat to shield you from the sun. Each element should complement the outfit, not overwhelm it.

By combining these elements, you can ensure that your appearance is compliant with the Stewards’ Enclosure’s regulations and comfortable and stylish, making your experience at the Henley Royal Regatta both enjoyable and memorable.

Stand Out at the Henley Royal Regatta With the Hidalgo Brothers

Ready to make a sartorial statement at this year’s Henley Royal Regatta? At Hidalgo Brothers, we specialise in bespoke tailoring that ensures you meet the Regatta’s dress code and stand out with unmatched elegance and style. Whether you prefer the classic charm of a perfectly fitted lounge suit or the distinctive flair of a custom blazer and trousers, we are here to craft your ideal outfit. Visit us on Savile Row, where tradition meets impeccable craftsmanship, or contact us to schedule your consultation. Let us help you tailor your presence to be as commanding as your personality.