Dress to Impress at Royal Ascot 2024

Every June, the Royal Ascot, a pinnacle of the British social and sporting calendar, stands as a testament to exclusivity and refinement. A tradition steeped in history and elegance, it was founded by Queen Anne and has since evolved into a grand showcase of horse racing excellence and sartorial splendour. We understand that Ascot is more than just a race meeting; it’s an exclusive opportunity to exhibit timeless style and impeccable taste in fashion.

Dressing appropriately for Royal Ascot is not just a suggestion; it’s a requirement. Each enclosure has its own specific dress code that must be adhered to strictly. The importance of these dress codes cannot be overstated. They are a key aspect of the tradition and atmosphere of the event, and respecting them is a mark of your understanding and appreciation of Ascot’s rich heritage.

What Is the Dress Code for Men for the Royal Ascot

Navigating the dress code at the Royal Ascot is crucial for any attendee, especially men who wish to embrace the tradition and sophistication of this iconic event. We specialise in crafting bespoke attire that adheres to and enhances each enclosure’s dress code requirements. With our help, you can confidently step into the Ascot, knowing that your fashion choices align with the event’s traditions.

1. Royal Enclosure:

The most formal, the Royal Enclosure, requires men to wear grey or black morning dress. This includes a tailored morning coat and a waistcoat. A tie, not a cravat, should complement the waistcoat, and a black or grey top hat must be worn. We recommend a custom-fit morning suit that reflects your personal style while respecting the traditions of the enclosure.

2. Queen Anne Enclosure:

Attendees must wear a full suit and tie, presenting a smart and cohesive look. The suit should be well-fitted, ideally in a classic colour such as navy, charcoal, or grey. We offer a range of bespoke suits that ensure you look your part with elegance and poise.
Village Enclosure: Slightly less formal than the Queen Anne, the dress code here still requires a jacket, full-length trousers, and tie but allows for a bit more flexibility in terms of colours and patterns. Bow ties are also acceptable here. However, jeans and trainers are not allowed.

3. Windsor Enclosure:

There is no strict dress code, but a smart casual dress code is recommended. A blazer and trousers with a collared shirt make for a suitable outfit. We suggest opting for lighter fabrics and more vibrant colours to stand out in this more relaxed setting.

Understanding and adhering to these dress codes is key to enjoying the Royal Ascot experience fully. Each piece we craft at Hidalgo Brothers is tailored to meet these standards and ensure you feel confident and at your best on this prestigious occasion.

Tailor Your Royal Ascot Outfit With the Hidalgo Brothers

We believe that bespoke tailoring is not just about fitting into a suit—it’s about fitting into the prestigious atmosphere of the Royal Ascot with elegance and ease. Here’s how our bespoke services can enhance your experience at this grand event:

1. Personalised Fit and Comfort:

The Royal Ascot is not just a brief appearance; it’s a full-day event. Comfort is as crucial as style. That’s why we emphasise selecting the right fabrics that offer breathability and comfort, suitable for long hours outdoors. Lightweight wools, linen blends, and finely woven cotton are popular choices that keep you cool and comfortable from the grandstand to the garden parties.

2. Stylish and Functional Fabric Choices:

Our fabric selection is tailored to both aesthetic and functional needs. We provide a range of options from traditional to more modern finishes, ensuring that your outfit looks impeccable and stands up to the elements, be it the sunshine or the occasional drizzle typical of British summer.

3. Accessorising Your Ensemble:

The right accessories are key to completing your Ascot look. A well-polished top hat and an elegant pocket square for the Royal Enclosure can elevate your morning dress. In less formal enclosures, perhaps a tastefully chosen tie or bow tie with a matching lapel pin will suffice. We also recommend considering the practicality of accessories such as cufflinks and a classic watch, which add a touch of personality while maintaining sophistication.

At Hidalgo Brothers, every stitch and seam is placed with precision, ensuring that our clients meet the dress code and feel distinguished and confident. Whether it’s your first Ascot or you’re a seasoned attendee, we take pride in crafting an outfit that will make the day memorable. Let us tailor your perfect Ascot experience with bespoke elegance that stands out in the crowd. Contact us for more information.