Guide to Purchasing A Three-Piece Bespoke Suit

Have you already had several suits made, yet are still looking for a definitive style that exudes an aura of class and elegance? If yes, maybe it’s time that you considered asking your tailor to fashion you several three-piece Savile Row bespoke suit. An article from Men’s Journal provides an overview of the chic attire:

“A three-piece suit gets noticed. It’s a bit daring, without actually being risky. You’re making a strong visual statement, but in a deep blue or a lightweight grey flannel, you’re still playing it fairly safe. And you don’t have to wear the vest if you don’t want to. It’s also a nice option if you take off your coat at work. You still maintain a sense of formality in shirtsleeves. Haven’t worn a three-piece suit in a while? Or ever? You’ll be surprised at how good you look. Just remember not to button the bottom button on the vest and you’re in the clear.”

A three-piece suit can complete any man’s wardrobe, but only if it’s crafted properly to your measurements by seasoned tailors with wide experience in creating suits and bespoke shirts in London. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to purchasing the perfect three-piece Savile Row bespoke suit:

Your Existing Wardrobe
A three-piece suit is already a bold statement. This means it works best with subdued ties and bespoke shirts. If your wardrobe consists mainly of vibrant colours, you will want to add several subtle tones to it—and bring those to your fittings, you can also alter your existing suits.

The Vest
The vest is what completes the mystique of the three-piece suit, which is why you must pay close attention to its fit. A vest that is too loose will not hold your tie in place and will shift around too much underneath your jacket. A vest that is too tight will restrict your breathing.

To test the fit of your vest, wear it standing up and sitting down. Don’t be afraid to take your time and ask your tailor to readjust the vest several times. An ill-fitting vest will ruin a three-piece regardless of how sharp it looks.

If you plan to push through with having a three-piece suit made, be sure to visit an experienced tailor of bespoke suits in London like the Hidalgo Brothers in Savile Row. Remember: a suit is only as graceful as the hands that craft it.

(Source: How to Talk to Your Tailor; Men’s Journal Magazine)